Vico Cost Planner

Evolutionary model-based estimating



Vico Cost Planner™ is the cost calculation, estimating, and value engineering module in the Vico Office Suite. As an integrated part of the Vico Office Environment, Cost Planner leverages the model-based quantities generated by the Vico Takeoff Manager, and provides highly accurate estimates in less time.

Using an evolutionary approach, Cost Planner enables continuous cost feedback throughout all project phases, starting with a costing scheme at the business development phase, and gradually increasing in granularity as more specific data and accurate quantities become available from the 3D BIM model.

Cost Planner introduces an innovative n-tiered 3D spreadsheet; a unique graphic scheme which emphasizes the hierarchical structure of the cost estimate. Every line item can be further refined with additional components, providing unprecedented flexibility, and enabling you to gradually develop your cost plan from a basic abstract level to a highly-detailed cost estimate.

In order to exploit the cost engineering knowledge-base of your company, Cost Planner includes a Library Manager, which allows you to use your own historical data and store a collection of standards and reusable estimating content.

The Cost Planner concept and unique structure allow you to build a ‘living cost estimate,' which is key to helping you make information-driven decisions that keep the budget on track.



The key to solid construction estimating software is bridging the gap between 2D paper-based methods and 5D model-based methods.  Vico Office Cost Planner gives Estimators the Excel look and feel they're familiar with, while simultaneously presenting the BIM model, dynamically linked to the cost plan for easy visualization of the cost and budget.

Components and Assemblies Manager

Components are individual cost line items which include, among other data, a quantity and a unit price that result in a cost. When more detailed information becomes available, the estimate evolves – new Components that describe the current Component in more detail can be added below it, thus forming an n-tiered structure.

The set of new Components remains inactive until the user decides that the full scope of the current Component is covered. At that point, the new Components are activated and the current Component evolves into an Assembly that reflects the sum of the included Components’ cost. The new cost is automatically compared to the previous cost ensuring that any change will be immediately tracked.

Visual Feedback

Cost Planner provides you with a rich set of visual feedback; for example, selecting a cost Component highlights an element in the 3D View. Changes in Assemblies’ cost are marked with distinctive icons and the hierarchical Assembly – Component structure is clearly communicated. This all to make sure you can easily communicate your plan and have tight control over your budget.

Formula Editor

The Formula Editor is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool which grants full control over the way quantities are used for cost calculation. The Formula Editor leverages the quantity data collected with Vico Office Takeoff and allows you to define conditions based on mathematical formulae select combinations of quantities filter data based on locations and customize and refine the calculation to provide input for your Assembly-Component structure.

Sorting and Filtering

The Assemblies and Components in the spreadsheet view can be sorted and filtered, enabling you to focus on a desired cost view. Using the Tag Editor your can define custom attributes and use them for filtering and sorting the data.

Vico Cost Planner lets you:

  • • Gradually plan the cost of a construction project from "idea" to "pre-construction"
  • • Rapidly create cost plan iterations based on either manual input or BIM-based quantity takeoff
  • • Visually compare any cost plan version with an earlier assumption
  • • Replace average cost per square foot with more detailed Uniformat or CSI Masterformat line items

• Quantify, visually identify, and present the cost variances that constantly threaten to create a budget overrun 


  Vico Cost Planner Brochure (view quality)  
Vico Cost Planner Brochure   (print quality)


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