Vico Office Cost Explorer

Visual Monitoring System of Project Budget



Vico Cost Explorer™ grants the tightest possible control over your project’s budget. With its straightforward visual monitoring system, you can easily grasp and communicate project cost variances, compare them to targeted costs, and track cost drivers.


As an integral part of the Vico Office Environment, Cost Explorer provides constant and online feedback about the status of your project, and dramatically improves the communication and understanding of cost changes. The bidirectional link between the Cost Explorer, the 3D model and the Assembly-Component views provides quick visual feedback on where cost issues exist in the project.

Cost Explorer’s unique graphic interface is based on a color-coded, macro-level tree view of project costs. This clear picture allows you to immediately identify any differences between target costs and actual costs, and track the source of any issues caused by individual project elements. The tree view can be sorted based on any classification structure you use in your project; from industry standards, such as Uniformat, to a custom, user-defined structure.


Graphic Cost Explorer

The Vico Office Cost Explorer tree structure view clearly visualizes the cost breakdown of a project budget by presenting cost categories as nodes in a tree. These nodes are color-coded based on their status compared to set targets. The cost breakdown scheme can be based on an industry standard classification structure, on Locations, or any other custom breakdown structure defined by the user.
The graphic presentation of cost is a powerful control tool. The color-coded system indicates to and alerts project team members and stakeholders when a cost component is over budget (red), within range (yellow), on budget (green), and suspiciously low (blue).
This effective communication system enables the users to quickly identify where in the project cost variances and over-budget situations exist, and makes it easier to understand at which point in the decision making process an overrun situation originated.

3D Model Integration

In the integrated Vico Office Environment, the cost breakdown components are automatically associated with the model elements they refer to. As a result, when selecting any node in the breakdown structure, the related elements in the 3D model are immediately highlighted, providing clear visual feedback on which 3D elements are involved in a cost change.

Target Cost Editor

For each node of the cost breakdown structure, a set of target costs can be defined in the Target Cost Editor using cost values or percentages of the overall budget. The level of detail of the target cost can be augmented gradually throughout the project's life cycle, increasing granularity and accuracy on the fly. Once a target cost set has been specified, the current project cost can be compared to set targets to analyze and monitor the project’s budget.

Comparing Cost Versions

Cost Explorer provides effective and highly detailed comparison capabilities, which enable users to identify variations between cost estimating versions at a glance, track cost drivers, and assure tight control over changes. You can easily access any cost version and compare its content with the target costs or any other cost version.

Vico Cost Explorer lets you:

  • • Visually "see" the budget as a three-dimensional model
  • • Engage the Owner and all constituents with what-if scenarios and compare two or three budget/design options side-by-side
  • • Determine the key drivers to cost variance and work together to keep the budget on track


  Vico Cost Explorer Brochure (view quality)

Vico Cost Explorer Brochure (print quality)


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Enjoy this longer demonstration which shows how Cost Explorer fits in the estimating workflow...