Vico Doc Set Manager


Collate and compare thousands of drawing set pages with a mouse click.



Vico's Doc Set Manager automates the process of checking revisions across construction drawing sets. Users can easily compare sets consisting of thousands of drawings within minutes. It's as easy as looking at a color coded table of PDFs and DWGs to see a list of documents, their versions, and their changes.


And multiple users can log into the drawing sets at the same time so as to resolve issues collaboratively. These teams use it to manage all the document sets (the architectural plans, the structural drawings, MEP information, construction documentation, general notes) and see what sets are current, what files are there, and most importantly, what files are missing.
The Document Register allows users to simultaneously manage multiple versions of drawing sets. Users can create the project document structure in advance and benefit from immediate identification of missing documents. The Document Register also provides automatic mapping and quick comparison between large drawing sets. With this "one version of the truth" teams can quickly identify which drawings have changed, and then investigate.


Users can simply define the DWG or PDF drawings for review and select the preferred comparison mode:


Side by side: presents the previous document version next to the view of the changes


Highlight mode with color coding: presents the two overlay drawings using color codes to identify the new and old geometry
Slider mode: drag a slider bar across the screen to reveal each of the two overlay drawings


The identified changes can be clouded and RFI documents generated. Clouds with Pending RFIs are automatically transferred to any new versions so teams can't lose track of any changes. And historical data for changes can be easily retrieved. There are also comparison reports for printing and sharing.


Vico also offers Project Team Licensing options that allows GCs to invite their subs to participate in the collaborative review, assignments, and resolution.

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