Vico Office Production Controller Video Tutorials

In location-based scheduling and production control, as opposed to activity-based techniques, procurement is scheduled AFTER scheduling the production tasks. This allows us to incorporate pull scheduling techniques, rather than having procurement push the production schedule. This level illlustrates how to record the procurement actuals.


In Level One for Production Control, we learned how the Superintendent records percent put in place during the daily or weekly site walks and how this information is calculated into the look-ahead forecast.  Then in Level Two we saw the best practices for collecting this data and how to also capture quantities and crew sizes.  Now, in Level Three, we will look specifically at recording the procurement actuals.


We've developed these video tutorials to walk you through the major pieces of functionality in easy bite-sized chunks.  Refer back to these videos as often as you like.  We'll continue to update the materials as new releases of Vico Office are issued.


After watching these video tutorials on the major features of Production Controller, please navigate to the FAQs to learn even more.  We also have a complete recorded webinar on the back-and-forth between the baseline schedule and the actuals that will help you see the "big picture."  And when you're ready, please feel free to advance to the next level.  You can also request to receive the entire video collection by completing the form on the Vico Office Training Videos page.


Vico Office Production Controller Level 3


Step One: Collecting and Recording the Procurement Actuals

So why devote one whole level to just one concept?  Because it's a biggie.  We attest that procurement is pulled by the master schedule when it is needed, not planning an early start combined with an activity float.  This is different than how most firms handle procurement planning today, and so we want to punctuate this point.


To best explain the concept, let's go straight to the source: page 399 from Location-Based Management for Construction.


"Procurement is the first step in managing the supply chain and timely procurement is critical for achieving lean production as the procurement process is treated as a prerequisite for starting production...


The normal method used for CPM scheduling is to schedule procurement activities as activities, and therefore to push the schedule of dependent tasks...


The alternative methodology is pull scheduling of procurement.  Location-based scheduling also allows the production tasks to pull the scheduled activities for procurement, based on duration, on a just-in-time basis.  Thus the procurement tasks will be scheduled to start as required to meet the needs of the production schedule."


This video illustrates how to navigate to the special Procurement Task Control Chart in Production Controller and complete the information required in the dialogue box.  Although the tasks are binary (they are either completed or they are not completed), this is a critical portion of the construction supply chain and one which must be carefully managed for delivery dates, lay down areas (material handling and storage), and maintaining clean and clear locations for subs.



To learn more the similarities and differences between activity-based planning and location-based planning, please download the new whitepaper, "Comparisons between Traditional Critical Path Scheduling and Location-Based Scheduling."


Now that you've seen the Vico method for entering procurement actuals, let's advance to Level Four Production Controller Training.  We will learn how to best use four of the reports generated in Production Controller. 


You can also request to receive the entire video collection by completing the form on the Vico Office Training Videos page.  And remember, you can always jump over to the Vico Office Client tutorial videos, the Scheduler Planner videos, or the Cost Planner videos at any time.


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