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There are so many reasons to “go BIM” and so many benefits to be gained by the transition from drawings to models. But we understand that the change management process within your GC firm can be difficult. So we’ve developed point solutions that can help smooth the transition and help align your firm’s expectations and goals. 


Construction Drawing Set Review: We know that this task is laborious and time consuming. That’s why we’ve made Vico Doc Set Manager so easy to use. After all, BIM starts with drawings, so let’s make sure that we (A) have all the drawings and (B) know what has changed from the last set to this set. Vico Doc Set Manager automatically collates and compares thousands of drawing sets for construction projects; assigns, tracks, and reports RFIs.


Knowledge Base of Cost and Time Elements: Having a knowledge base for costing, resources, and productivity rates ready to go when a new bid is being developed would ensure that you have the latest information at your fingertips. This knowledge base links BIM objects with costs and schedules and improves the decision-making value of your 3D model. The Vico Standard 5D Library allows you to build resource-loaded schedules and cost-loaded estimates with element assemblies and activity assemblies, all divided into labor, material, machinery, subcontractors, etc. 


Assembly Line Precision: Some aspects of your project are completely unique and have never before been executed. But some pieces of your project are almost cookie cutter and can be broken down into scientific steps – much like a manufacturing assembly line. The Vico Standard 5D Warehouse is a standard collection of coded building elements suitable for associating 3D BIMs to Vico's 4D scheduling and 5D cost estimating applications. Building elements contained in the Warehouse are coded using the same nomenclature and classification systems as the Vico Standard 5D Library, so they work together seamlessly. 


Vico Control Classic: The original scheduling and production control product from Vico offers a unique alternative to CPM scheduling when a BIM model is not available.  With the addition of a database and a tightly integrated Cost Planning component, the Vico Office 4D Scheduling solution has replaced Vico Control Classic and is a complete model-based scheduling and production control solution.


We will continue to develop new products to help GCs adopt 3D-4D-5D-BIM. It is our goal to smooth the transition from paper to models and increase the efficiency of each step along the way. Learn more about our auxiliary products with resources across our website:


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