Vico Doc Set Manager Features & Benefits


Vico Doc Set Manager™ reduces risk and improves productivity by automating the process of checking for drawing revisions across construction drawing sets.


Speed and compatibility


Enhanced Performance
Vico Doc Set Manager accelerates your change management process by using TechSoft3D Hoops - the industry leading graphics engine - as the graphics workhorse. This new engine, together with the drawing registration function, accelerates the process and saves you precious time.


RealDWG Support

With Vico Doc Set Manager you have 100% compatibility with Autodesk DWG™. Using RealDWG 2009 you are assured of compatibility with AutoCAD DWG design files; including support for the AutoCAD R14, 2000, 2000i, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 software releases



Viewing and comparing sets of documents


Single Document Viewer

To ease your sorting and matching processes, Doc Set Manger provides a single document viewer. The zooming and panning function are supported, as well as support for multi-page PDF files, DWG Xref and AutoCAD DWG Model and Layout views.

DWG Comparison

Vico Doc Set Manager supports the newest DWG™ file formats. Compare full drawing sets or individual files.  Refine your comparison using the Layout/Model space modes and graphic filtering options.


PDF Comparison

The improved PDF comparison tool supports geometric comparison and text comparison; including support for multiple-page PDF files.


Graphic Viewing Modes

Simply switch between the three graphic comparison modes to best suit your needs:
Side-by-side mode - Presents the previous document version side by side with the new version using color codes for changed, deleted and new entities. 
Slider mode - Drag a slider bar across the screen to reveal each of the two overlay drawings
Highlight Mode - Presents the two overlay drawings using color codes to identify new and old geometry

My Assignment Panel
Review the assignment status, define priorities, and assign tasks to team members



Manage change and assignments


Manage Team Assignments

Review each team member's assignments and check assignment status. Reassign tasks and add notes.

Document Register

The new Document Register allows full control over large documentation sets, improves workflow, and increases efficiency. Using this feature, you benefit from:

• The ability to simultaneously manage multiple drawing sets

• Full control over the directory structure and document organization

• Automation of the drawing matching process

• RFI management tools

Task History
Gain full control over project changes. Doc Set Manager provides historical data throughout the whole of the project. Track back every assignment and action made during the project


Clouding Changes and RFI Linking
Improve your RFI management process by linking RFI to clouded changes. Using Vico Doc Set Manager, users can create RFIs based on a document template and efficiently track and manage the RFI process.

Copy Forward Clouds for Non-Answered RFIs
Copy Forward support the tracking of RFIs across document versions, ensuring that you will not lose track of your RFIs. With this new feature, any clouds associated with the previous version of a document that has an RFI set to Pending will be copied forward to the new document. Additionally, any cloud linked to a document(s) that answer an RFI will be copied forward.




Communicate results


Adding “Clouds”

Mark changes with “clouds”, add comments, and assign tasks to team members


Print single documents including associated RFI clouds


Export to PDF
Share results using the industry standard PDF format.


Screen Capture
Easily grab comparison screenshots for better communication with team members and the design team.