Vico Office Cost Planner Video Tutorials

During Level One Cost Planner Training, we saw how easy it was to set up an initial cost plan without even having a BIM model available.  Then during Level Two training, we saw how to access previous project data to flesh out our cost plan.


With Level Three training, we'll illustrate how to utilize Takeoff Manager functionality along with the Formula Editor.  The end results will be quantities, formulas, and quantities by location.  And still, we haven't used a BIM model.  It is important to note that Takeoff Items, both manual and model-based, can be used as quantity input in the n-tiered cost calculation spreadsheet.


Level Three training introduces us to the Takeoff Manager module and the Formula Editor - two important pieces in the Vico Office estimating solution.  


We've developed these video tutorials to walk you through the major pieces of functionality in easy bite-sized chunks.  Refer back to these videos as often as you like.  We'll continue to update the materials as new releases of Vico Office are issued.


After watching these video tutorials on the major features of Cost Planner, please navigate to the FAQs to learn even more.  And when you're ready, please feel free to advance to the next level.  You can also request to receive the entire video collection by completing the form on the Vico Office Training Videos page.


Vico Office Cost Planner Level 3


Step One: Entering Takeoff Items and Quantities

In an ideal world, we could start each project with a robust means and methods construction model. Then, for every created Takeoff Item, Vico's quantity extraction algorithms would be executed to analyze the geometry and to extract the appropriate element quantities, which results in a set of Takeoff Quantities per Takeoff Item. 


But we don't have a BIM model for this project yet, so we will demonstrate how you can still utilize the system to enter what 2D information you have.  It's also important to understand how the system recognizes elements and calculates quantities manually, so that you can identify any mistakes in model geometry when you have one to process in Vico Office.




Step Two: Using Takeoff Items in Component Formulas

Throughout Vico Office we use the equation Quantities = Source Quantity X Consumption X Waste/Factor.  This video explains how we can define the variable for Source Quantity using the Takeoff Items and Takeoff Quantities we created in the last step.  We also take a look at the Formula Editor so we can define and modify our calculations.




Step Three: Creating Quantities by Location

Creating BIM-based quantities by location is what makes Vico Office stand out in the commercial construction market.  These quantities by location fuel the 5D estimates and the 4D schedule.


But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's learn how we would enter quantities by location manually with a simple LBS (location breakdown structure) of floors.  This video introduces us to the Manage Takeoff View where we can enter and check the quantities by location.  We also see that the Formula Editor is tracking our new location structure.




Step Four: Creating a Cost per Location Report

Just as we have seen in the previous training levels, extracting information out of the Vico Office database is very easy.  Here again we utilize the Report Editor to create a location-based cost report which can be viewed by other Vico Office users are saved as one of the many supported file formats and shared with the project team.


What reports are you thinking of building with the Report Editor?  Download the report template for this exercise. 




Now that you've seen that setting up an estimating project in Vico Office Cost Planner is just like starting a traditional estimate from scratch; and you've seen that utilizing previous project work is as easy as dragging and dropping and auto-complete; and you've seen how to define a quantity takeoff for an element is just like establishing a formula in Excel and even how to map these quantities to their proper location; let's advance to Level Four Cost Planner Training.  We will learn how to set our target cost and compare our estimate versions to that target.  You can also request to receive the entire video collection by completing the form on the Vico Office Training Videos page.


And remember, you can always jump over to the Vico Office Client tutorial videos.