Construction-Caliber Quantities

The Linchpin for Precise Schedules and Estimates


Vico Office is the first BIM-neutral platform that analyzes, organizes, synthesizes, and augments Revit, Tekla, and ArchiCAD files.  The first step in this process is a comprehensive quantity takeoff which results in construction-caliber quantities.  These quantities from Revit, quantities from Tekla, and quantities from ArchiCAD BIMs can now be used to produce model-based schedules and model-based estimates.


With Vico Office, the quantity takeoff algorithm looks at each piece of geometry within the 3D BIM, calculates their properties (such as surface area, volume, etc.).  The model geometry analysis algorithms can even determine the sides of the elements (for example "top of slab") and use the boundaries to calculate quantities such as "net surface area."  This type of analysis is much more intuitive than simply counting windows and doors, floors, ceilings, and walls, and produces a much more detailed quantity takeoff. 


These quantities now drive more precise schedules and estimates because the quantities are properly delineated.  And now more project stakeholders can work together because Vico Office Takeoff Manager derives quantities from Revit, quantities from Tekla, and quantities from ArchiCAD. In essense, we are deriving BIM quantities for scheduling and estimating purposes.


We invite you to compare our construction-caliber quantities with your current takeoff method.  Please review the three collateral pieces below and utilize them while viewing the BIM 501 and BIM 502 courses on model-based estimating.


Vicos Quantities.pdf

Takeoff Manager Checklist.pdf

 Construction-Caliber Quantities.pdf


Additionally, the Vico Office Takeoff Manager FAQs page contains tutorial videos describing how the quantity takeoff algorithms examine the BIM element properties.