Vico Control Classic 

Use Vico Control Classic to create significantly compressed schedules without increasing risk. Control enables better visual analysis of schedule feasability and improves comunication.  Control Classic is designed to be used without a BIM model.




Vico Control is a unique location-based construction management system.  Incorporating locations, construction-caliber quantities, and productivity rates in Control's Flowline™ view yields clear, accurate and feasible, yet significantly compressed, schedules. 


As a construction managment system, Vico Control enables "what-if?" analyses, provides forecasts based on actual production rates, and analyzes resource usage. Control's Risk Analysis tool improves schedule predictability and delivers optimized schedule planning.




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There are many resources available to help you determine if Vico Control Classic is a good fit for your firm.  But perhaps the easiest question to ask is: do we now or will we in the future use BIM models?  If the answer is no, then Control Classic is what you need.  If the answer is yes, then please read more about our Scheduling Solutions in Vico Office.


The Fit and Finnish Blog by Olli Seppanen

Olli blogs about location-based management systems and how on-site production control can help you rein in tight schedules.


BIM 401 Webinar

Model-based scheduling begins with an accurate quantity takeoff, crew sizes, productivity rates, and locations.  This webinar demonstrates how to organize this data in Vico Control for predictable schedules and on-site production control tasks, such as look-ahead forecasts and percent completes.


Scheduling Tactics in a Hard Bid

Is it possible to develop a BIM for a hard bid and do it accurately enough for 4D scheduling and 5D estimating?  When you're working with Vico, the answer is yes.  The key lies in the quantities.  This webinar will show you how to organize your efforts for bid day.