Vico Office Document Controller

2D and 3D Change Management in an integrated workflow



How many hours have you peered over the light table looking for changes in drawing sets? Or, more importantly, how much did the change that you missed cost the project in terms of time and money? How can you concentrate on prioritizing the changes to the drawing sets when you can’t even locate the change amidst the piles of drawings? And when changes are being submitted fast and furiously at the eleventh hour, how can you and your team keep track and properly assign RFIs?


This problem further compounds itself when we introduce 3D models to the project. How do you know what elements have been modeled and to what accuracy? How can you tell what has changed in the model and if that has been included in the drawing set?  Furthermore, if the change is significant enough, how do you get the estimating and scheduling teams involved?


Most of our customers are feeling the pain of today’s construction projects hovering in two worlds: 2D drawings which are contractually binding and 3D models which help us build better, faster, and less expensive buildings. So how can we change our process and/or technology to manage the 2D/3D hybrid world we live in?


This new module in the Vico Office workflow:

  • • Allows you bring in and manage multiple pdf drawings and 3D models;
  • • Allows you to organize your 2D drawings and 3D models into a structured project
      registry. This provides automatic mapping and quick comparison between large drawing
      sets and models. With this “one version of the truth” teams can quickly identify which
      drawings have changed, and then investigate;
  • • Makes sure that everyone on the project team is working on the latest and greatest
      drawings and models;
  • • Automatically locates which specific drawings and 3D models have changed from one
      version to the next in minutes. A color coded table in the dashboard view will show you
      a list of models, documents, their version, and their changes so you can focus on just
      the items which have changed; 
  • • Allows you to compare the changes in both 2D and 3D in two modes:
      Highlight mode with color coding: presents the two overlay drawings or models using
      different colors to identify the new and old geometry;
      Slider mode: drag a slider bar across the screen to reveal each of the two overlay
      drawings or models;
  • • Allows you to track changes. The identified changes can be clouded and issues
      generated. These clouds and issues are automatically transferred to any new versions
      so teams can’t lose track of any changes. And historical data for changes can be easily
      retrieved. Each Issue can be give a priority, status, snapshots, notes, and even be part
      of a collaborative report which allows the users to track dialogue from each meeting to
      resolve issues.
  • • Insert reference planes into the 3D model both vertically and horizontally. The 2D
      drawings slide into the model on these reference planes to compare the differences
      between 2D and 3D information.
Organizing Project Data

Vico Office Document Controller is a central repository where all of your project information can be stored and cataloged in a single place. Create folder structures that are as detailed as your project drawings, including place holders for floor plans, elevations, sections, details, notes, etc. Next, create versions to organize all of your drawings and models by design release to know which documents have been updated or changed with the latest release.



2D Analysis

Vico Office Document Controller provides a quick and easy way to store and review 2D PDF drawings releases by version. As new versions are added, users can quickly identify which sheets have been added, removed, changed, or remain the same. After that, comparisons can be done on a sheet by sheet basis, or in groups of sheets, using the slider, highlight and overlay modes.



3D Analysis

Vico Office Document Controller provides a means for quickly analyzing changes in your 3D models to see how the design has evolved from release to release. Changes, additions, deletions, and unmodified content is color coded to quickly reveal updates in the model using highlight mode. Or, slider mode can be used to move geometric faces around while having old and new content on either side of the slider.


Establish Reference Planes

Vico Office Document Controller allows users to create Reference Planes to create and position geometric faces that can be used for sectioning the model and mapping 2D documents. Documents are mapped to reference planes to create a 2D/3D hybrid environment (think of it as sliding a drawing into the model), where the BIM model can be checked against the 2D contract documents.


Issue Tracking

Design changes in 2D and 3D are often tracked as issues, so that they may be further communicated to team members. Design variances between 2D releases, or 2D/3D comparisons, can be documented using Issue Manager. Users will recognize the same Card View from Constructability Manager for time-stamped discussions.


MPS Adherence Tracking

With the ability to store formats such as PDF and XLS, Vico Office Document Controller makes it possible to do design and MPS tracking with each new release of the model. The project’s progression specification can be stored in the Vico environment, along with each 3D model, and updates can be checked against the MPS document. Tags can be used in Takeoff Manager or Cost Planner to track the status of the model relative to the MPS requirements for that release.



Once in issues are logged in Issue Manager, reports can be published in PDF and XLS format to share information with non-BIM users in the field.  Reports can be filtered by type, trade, owner, location, etc. to make sure the right report gets to the right person!


Vico Office Document Controller lets you:

• Automate the task of scouring documents for changes, clouds, and notes;
• Automate the task of pouring over 3D models for updates;
• Be more thorough with document and model checking. Since Document Controller
  catches everything, your output is more complete Comparison Reports;
• Track the identified changes as issues and delegate/assign the responsibilities to
  resolve them;
• Speed the project by putting everyone on the same page with the current drawing
  sets and current models instead of wasting time searching three different FTP servers;

• Find that one elusive change that always get through.



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