2D-3D Change Management



The construction industry is in the middle of a sea change.  Many firms are adopting BIM for Construction, but the official contract documents are still executed in 2D.  In many ways, general contractors are asked to run parallel efforts: one to keep the 2D documents in order and one to keep the 3D models in order, but there are not enough hours in the day to manually inspect drawing sets and model versions for changes, and certainly no way to compare the 2D with the 3D. 


Until now. 


Vico Office Document Controller allows GCs to do three very cool things: (1) compare 2D drawing sets to find changes between the versions; (2) compare 3D model versions to each other to locate changes; and (3) compare the contract documents to the coordinated 3D models.  Now what used to be a parallel effort can be incorporated into the Vico Office 5D Workflow.  Now design managers, document managers, BIM managers, and field engineers have the program they need to reduce project risk by locating changes very early in the process. 


How much does finding a change in preconstruction save you versus finding it out in the field?


Vico Office Document Controller is a very powerful, and unprecedented, 2D/3D change management solution.  Unprecedented because it handles changes in documents, models, and allows users to compare the 2D drawings with the 3D model before work is sent out for prefabrication.  And one more item to note, it allows the 3D model to be compared with the 2D contract document which bridges the gap between the paper and model worlds.


The comparison of drawings is accomplished with a very easy-to-use color-coded system: green means no changes were detected; red means that changes were detected.  Now the user can pinpoint those changes by placing the two document versions on top of each other and using the slider bar to reveal the changes.  Another method is the highlight mode which reveals changes much like a light table.  Once  located, the changes can be clouded and annotated and logged in the Vico Office Issue Manager.  These issues can now be routed for discussion, or even to estimators or modelers to consider the impact of changes.


In just the same way, users can also compare 3D model versions.  Again, with either the slider bar or highlight mode, new elements, deleted elements, and changed elements can be revealed.  These, too, can be clouded, annotated, and routed to the correct teammates.  And with a right-mouse-click, new model versions can be activated for quantity takeoff.  And if you know Vico Office, those new quantities ripple through
the schedule and cost plan and update each.


What makes Vico Office Document Controller unique in the construction industry is the ability to compare the coordinated 3D models with the 2D contract documents.  Users can slide in drawings onto reference planes in the 3D model and compare what has been drawn to what has been modeled.  Finally, there is no longer a disconnect between the 5D BIM Workflow and the contract.


See the impetus behind Vico Office Document Controller with this overview video...





Vico Office Document Controller is an indispensable addition to the 5D Workflow.  Not only does it allow you the peace of mind knowing that all drawings and models have been checked, all changes have been noted, and estimates and schedules revised, but you can also match up the coordinated models to the contract documents before kicking off prefab efforts.


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We also offer a step-by-step guide to our 5D virtual construction workflow with video tutorials. These videos are just 2-5 minutes in length, but illustrate how to use a particular piece of functionality. You can access the video library index and view just what you need, or download the complete set of training videos.  We have tracts specifically for Schedulers, Estimators, Supers, and anyone who does project/portfolio reporting.