Could your schedule be more accurate if you had more precise quantities from a BIM model and productivity rates from your subcontractors' bids?  Perhaps you could even get to the point where the bid schedule didn't get thrown away and rewritten by the superintendent?


That's the goal of model-based scheduling and 4D BIM.  The premise is, if we have the quantities from the model, the locations according to the location breakdown structure, and the productivity rates bid by the subs, we can derive a much more accurate schedule.





But Vico believes that controlling the schedule is worth far more than creating the schedule.  Production control - using the control charts to track subcontractor work complete (and therefore their actual productivity rates) - is essential to forecasting potential conflicts by location.  With the locations free and clear of superfluous materials and personnel, the individual trade can progress quickly and with high quality.



Model-based schedules hold a unique advantage: construction-caliber quantities derived from the BIM model geometry combined with productivity rates and locations drive a much more precise schedule. Industry research shows an average of 10% schedule compression with no additional risk to the project.  This means margins are preserved for the GC; and greater revenue opportunities for Owners.  It really is a win-win.


Other deliverables from a 4D BIM project include a resource-loaded schedule for Owners which can be used in conjunction with a cash flow/earned value analysis.


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