LBMS Workshops with Subs and Supers

This case study video explores the importance of socializing new LBMS concepts and ways of working during schedule optimization workshops with the Subs and GC. By introducing the new concepts such as free and clear locations, consumption rates for quantities by location, and productivity, all parties start to see the efficiencies together and can commit to sticking to the schedule, not self-correcting. 


The process starts by taking the CPM schedule and creating its equal (or match) in a flowline graph.  Now together we can start to identify where any problems are evident and how we can solve them together.  This particular example examines how workshops can address crew stacking problems, starts and stops, and the inconsistent use of resources.  By optimizing the schedule together, we can achieve sub-contractor buy-in.  Now we can plan for continuous work through locations, align production rates for the overall good of the project, and reduce overall project risk. 


While there is a steep learning curve to managing projects with LBMS, these group optimization workshops are proving very valuable to project success.  




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