LBMS Reporting

This case study illustrates the benefits for Owners from running a construction project with location-based management system (LBMS).  By supplying the subcontractors with daily manpower reporting templates, the GC field team could supplement the data with weekly actuals during the site walk.  This made forecasting and identifying potential problems easier.  Data from the project indicates that it is four times faster to update the LBMS schedule with actuals and produce the forecast than it is with traditional CPM methods.  The Owner reporting is also much more visual, reducing 30 pages of traditional CPM reporting down to just one.  We also showed how the control actions log provides a comprehensive, historical breadcrumb trail for the project, making any project forensic work much easier. 


When everyone on the project is working towards the same schedule objective, it is easy to see that all parties (subs, GC, and Owner) benefit.  Learn more about combining the benefits of LBMS and Lean Construction on your project, by downloading our whitepaper on the subject.




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