An Overview of Lean Construction's Last Planner System

The Lean Construction Institute's Last Planner System is a very collaborative process - a social structure for pull scheduling.


The process asks for commitments and promises from team members to meet the overall target schedules.  Working backwards with sticky notes helps team members break down all the steps and better understand the exact resources necessary.  It's all about removing constraints so that the tasks are ready to start and "flow smoothly" until completion.


Last Planner System works very well in conjunction with Location-Based Management System in Vico's scheduling solutions.  The combination is very synergistic because it lines up quantitative data and analysis with qualitative teamwork.  And the obvious benefit is clear communication between planners/schedulers, superintendents, PMs, and Subs.



This video snippet captures a quick summary of the two systems from Vico's Introduction to LBMS and LPS Webinar.  Please also check out the following links to continue diving deeper into the subject matter:


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