One of the key differentiators of Vico's construction software and services is location-based management. Location-based management system is different than the familiar activity-based critical path method.  It concentrates on planning, scheduling, and controlling projects by location and is focused on improving profitability for all project stakeholders.


The location-based management system relies on the progress of work crews as they migrate (or flow) through a building.  The goal is to preserve the work crew's productivity rate as they move from location to location and minimize the number of starts and stops. 


Most people know that The Empire State Building was completed in just seventeen months employing location-based management and graphically tracking crew productivity.  Work with this type of construction scheduling continued at The Goodyear Company and even the US Navy, but it fell out of favor with commercial construction.


At Vico, we have case studies illustrating that customers properly employing location-based management enjoy a 10% schedule compression with no subsequent increase in project risk.  This isn't a magic formula, but model-based scheduling, planning, and controlling imparts a discipline on construction much like lean techniques smooth bottlenecks in discrete manufacturing.


We illustrate the flow of crews through locations with particular productivity rates with a flowline graph.  While it might look like someone dropped a can of pick up sticks on a piece of paper, each line represents one crew as they move through the building.  The slope of the line marks their stated productivity rate and their dotted line indicates that they are not operating optimally.


flowline scheduling illustrate crew productivity by location Caption: In this flowline chart, you can see that the red ovals indicate crew clashes and the blue ovals indicate under-utilized locations.  By increasing or decreasing crew productivity with additional personnel, you can avoid crew pile-ups and keep teams flowing through the site without interruption.


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We also offer a step-by-step guide to our 5D virtual construction workflow with video tutorials. These videos are just 2-5 minutes in length, but illustrate how to use a particular piece of functionality. You can access the video library index and view just what you need, or download the complete set of training videos. We have training videos for Estimators, Schedulers, Supers, and anyone who does CM Reporting.