Lean Construction has one goal: eliminate waste.  That waste can occur as redundant processes, running parallel processes (such as a paper-based schedule alongside a model-based schedule just to ensure nothing is missed), not sharing relevant information across the project team, etc.


Good construction software seeks to streamline these processes and impart lean construction techniques through the 5D BIM workflow.


Lean construction techniques for 2D BIM in Doc Set Manager:

>> identify missing drawing sheet and/or changes in 2D drawing sets

>> streamline the resolution workflow

>> allow multiple users to collaborate in real-time around an RFI or Change Order

>> sharing RFIs and Change Orders with other departments

>> document information related to RFIs from drawings for the life of the project


Lean construction techniques for 3D BIM modeling services:

>> re-use and qualify design documentation

>> Six Sigma quality processes for drawing review, completion, and modeling thoroughness

>> managing multiple versions of multiple models in a dashboard

>> combining models from multiple authoring systems/multiple sources

>> coordination resolution by location by system


Lean construction techniques for 4D BIM in Vico Scheduling solutions:

>> quantity derivations from the model geometry

>> location breakdown structure

>> quantities-driven, location-based, resource-loaded schedules

>> look-ahead schedules with productivity rates (actual versus quoted) to identify crew/task bottlenecks

>> superintendent site walks with resolution back to accounting for sub-contractor payments


Lean construction techniques for 5D BIM in Cost Planner and Cost Explorer:

>> quantity derivations from the model goemetry

>> iterative cost plans according to the level of detail recommended by the model progression specification

>> repurposing prior work completed in paper-based systems like Timberline, MC2, or RIB

>> visualization for Owner: design choices and their impact on schedule and budget


Lean construction techniques are incorporated throughout the Vico Office 5D BIM workflow. Removing waste and redundancy through leveraged integration means that a change in the model geometry is automatically updated in the quantities, schedule, and estimate.


As the saying goes, Lean is the technique, 5D BIM is the technology.  Make certain lean techniques are a part of your 5D BIM technology roadmap.  Learn more with these resources:

Paper: The 5D BIM Checklist

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Webinar: Location-Based Management and Last Planner


We also offer a step-by-step guide to our 5D virtual construction workflow with video tutorials. These videos are just 2-5 minutes in length, but illustrate how to use a particular piece of functionality. You can access the video library index and view just what you need, or download the complete set of training videos. We have training videos for Estimators, Schedulers, Supers, and anyone who does CM Reporting.