Laser Scanning

Are you involved with a complex expansion project and under the gun to make it as seamless as possible?  Consider using Trimble VDC Services to laser scan your existing conditions, create a BIM model from the point cloud, and coordinate the new with the old for design validation.  Wow the Owner with a comparison of the as-built conditions with the as-planned design.  And better yet, we’ll teach your team how to do it and make laser scanning a core competency at your firm.


One quantum leap forward is the combination of laser scanning and BIM.  With so many expansion projects, retrofits, and phased renovation projects underway, our customers asked for one solution to collect point cloud data and translate it to a 3D model before the start of construction for thorough design validation.


trimble vdc services laser scanning


Laser scanning the existing conditions on renovations also allows us to compare the as-built conditions with the as-planned design, augment existing 3D data, or even create documentation where none existed on older structures.  We can scan existing mechanical systems to better understand existing conditions and design a new build-out.  We can scan existing structural components to create an architectural or structural model.  And, of course, we can scan to verify what was intended in the model to what has been constructed on-site, whether that be the edge-of-slab after a concrete pour.  We can also scan a floor for level and make the needed adjustments before interior framing.


Customers are also discovering tremendous value adding scanning to 4D scheduling and simulations.  With scanning we can schedule the demolition, existing to remain, and new work separately, which is logical because all three states have a different impact on the amount of schedule time needed.  Our customers also use these varied states to create a simulation and communicate the anticipated conditions to the Owner, which is especially useful in the case of phased renovations where the Owner will need to take an active role in preparing the site and supporting logistics.  Trimble best practices also combine scanning and 4D BIM with advanced methods of production control data capture to update and maintain schedules and mitigate cascading delays onsite.


5D BIM benefits from laser scanning in many ways that are similar to 4D applications -- it is extremely useful to be able to identify and price elements differently based upon their state: demo work, existing to remain, new work.  There is a very different cost associated with replacing a pipe versus re-insulating a pipe and that can only be made clear in the estimating phase by going out and scanning to compare the new design with the existing conditions.


The combination of laser scanning and 5D BIM clearly illustrates the value that Trimble Buildings delivers to construction.  Our heritage in field solutions and hardware is combined with the latest construction science and innovation to deliver real-world solutions for customers in every corner of the world.  Where can you apply this new solution in your market?


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