In-Wall Coordination


One specific type of clash detection and coordination occurs in and around partition walls only and is quite common in healthcare facilities, hotels and resorts, and high-rise residential towers. 


Partition walls may or may not contain metal studs, house water and gases piping runs, and still have backing systems for heavy casework and equipment. They also have electrical outlets, junction boxes, and wiring that needs to be strategically located for equipment and lighting.


Caption: Many people believe that in-wall coordination involves only those MEPF systems behind a patient’s bed.  But in practice, in-wall coordination includes every item IN, ON, or IN FRONT OF a partition wall.  While this video provides a hospital example, you can easily imagine the same protocols delivered for a hotel, apartment or condominium tower, or office building.  By getting the layout of high-traffic hospital rooms correct, the doctors and nurses can concentrate on what they do best: deliver extraordinary patient care.


Coordinating these systems can be quite complex as the GC and Subs must understand the function of the room and how it will be set up for occupant convenience. Sometimes the standard formula for lighting and outlets and water just doesn't make sense given the actual way the room will be utilized.


One Vico best practice is to use a 5D Expert Modeling Team to model the spaces in advance of a meeting with the end users.  The end users can explain how they would like to utilize the room and the Coordination Leader can move the elements around the screen in real-time.  Now we can see if there is any interference from another system and offer alternatives.


Once the end users like the configuration they see in the 3D model, we can ask for sign-off on the elevation drawings.


The benefits of this Vico best practice include smoother installation for the subs, no change orders resulting from upset occupants, and more efficient end users.


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