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A well-developed BIM strategy includes 2d drawing comparison and 3d model comparison, coordination, location-based quantity takeoff, 4D scheduling and production control, 5d cost planning and budgeting, and layout management for critical points. All of these features are in Vico Office in a tightly-integrated workflow we call BIM for Construction. This video outlines our integrated construction management solution for 2D-3D-4D-5D BIM. It is very similar to what we would demonstrate if/when we visit your firm.


Many firms are familiar with BIM for clash detection, but there are so many more advantages when your strategy includes design coordination, scheduling, estimating, production control, and layout management...and especially when it is all integrated.  We concentrate on that word "integration" because it means that work done in one department can be leveraged in another.  It means the work performed in preconstruction can be leveraged out in the field.  It means that data from one project can be leveraged for use on another.


We recommend that you gather your A-Team - a scheduler, estimator, PM, PE, a superintendent, an executive sponsor, and perhaps a person from your IT team to watch the presentation.  Be sure to write down your questions and forward them along to sales@vicosoftware.com.  We can hop on the phone with you or jump right into a web session.


BIM for Construction is a must-have skill set for competitive GCs and CMs.  With Vico, you get both the award-winning software and the knowledge transfer and peer review from our Virtual Construction services team.  We hope to be working with you soon!


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Full Length Vico Office Presentation

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