Everyone knows Trimble gear out on the jobsite.  Site layout and laser scanning are de facto technologies for construction projects around the world.  As a matter of fact, many people get their first taste for construction behind the tripod setting up for site surveys and plotting points.


Trimble Layout Solutions are comprised of robotics (Trimble Robotic Total Station), control units (Trimble Tablet) and field software (Trimble Field Link). The combination increases accuracy and productivity during the layout process, while also providing reports and metrics for analysis. 


trimble field solutions layout laser scanning


Trimble Layout Solutions are ubiquitous on construction jobsites around the world.  The hazard yellow rugged tablets and Robotic Total Stations are hard to miss.  But did you know that this equipment and their critical layout measurements are integrated with the project models in Vico Office and Tekla BIMsight?


Installation points from the coordinated models are exported to the field equipment for layout slab edges, openings, and sleeve penetrations. Using these layout points makes the process much more efficient, as one person can now do the job of three. It also improves accuracy and quality by ensuring that vertical work is aligned and no offsets or rework will be needed during installation.  We also run the process in reverse for quality assurance: points can be captured to validate that field installation matches the coordinated design.


trimble tx5 laser scanner on construction jobsite


And as more and more Owners specify technologies on their projects, laser scanning applications continue to grow.  Of course, the obvious application is to scan existing conditions for a retrofit or renovation in order to create construction documentation, whether that be 2D drawings or even 3D models.  But the use cases don't stop there.  Many firms have developed a quality assurance protocol for new projects where whole locations are scanned and verified against the plans/models before the crews proceed to the next location.


Other applications include floor flatness and wall verticality - two measurements that are critical for warehouse and plant/process buildings, as well as stadiums.  And, of course, with new advances in point cloud software, users can snap measurements inside the point cloud and overlay the image on drawings, check the camber of steel beams against ceiling height, or any other key measurement.  Now this quality check can be done in minutes instead of hours.


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