Customized Report Writing


What do Owners appreciate more than anything during their construction project?  A clear understanding of how the project is going, which decisions require their attention, and how you are proactively working in their best interest.


Your team also needs the very latest information:

• How did the latest model version impact the estimate?

• Have you run the comparison between two design options from the Architect?

• What does the latest constructability analysis show?


That’s exactly what Reporting in Vico Office delivers – clear and concise, factual, detailed, of-the-moment project statistics.  Take a look at these sample reports to see what we mean.


And because Vico Office is a database solution, your team can create hundreds of highly-customized reports calling on all of the field values within all of your projects.  We even include some standard templates with Vico Office, so you can get to work right away.  (Check the installation folder - in most cases the structure is C:\Program Files\Vico Software\Vico Office (x64)\Report Templates.)


However, we do have some customers with very specific requests or who are working so quickly to roll-out Vico Office that they would like to handoff the report template writing task to us.  We are happy to oblige and can quickly turn-around five customized templates for your team in just two weeks.  All we need are the current versions of your company’s reports which you would like to recreate in Vico Office.


We offer this service at a flat fee of $2,500 for five reports.  This is a very economical way to get started quickly and know your first project reports will be formatted correctly.  After all, your team shouldn’t worry about fonts and text color – only about delivering an incredible Owner experience.


To inquire about this service or our Report Editor workshops, please email


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