Production Control Workshop


After optimizing the schedule with input from the subs, we encourage our clients to participate in the Production Control Workshop.  This workshop focuses on data collection techniques, comparing the baseline to forecasted efforts, and creating meaningful reports/deliverables for the project team.


This workshop concentrates on a number of controlling tools espoused by Location-Based Management System (LBMS) which powers Vico scheduling solutions.


Control Charts.  Superintendents, PEs, and even Subs themselves can use control charts to mark the percent complete within their locations.  We also encourage the collection of quantities put in place and actual crew size to help us spot any productivity issues.


Flowline Diagrams.  These reports allow us to compare our baseline schedule versus the forecast calculated from the collected productivity data.  The report indicates potential problems with a red alarm icon - these alarms show where a control action should be considered.


Production Graph.  Since our activities are loaded with quantities and labor resources, it is possible to compare the target manhours to actuals and forecasted manhours.


Resource Graph.  An alternative view is planned versus actual versus forecasted labor resources.


Numerical Analysis.  Some Owners prefer spreadsheet-like charts instead of graphs.  Here we can investigate consumption rates and productivity rates to see how efficiently the crews are performing their tasks. 


Weekly/Monthly Production Reports.  We help you prepare and deliver control charts, control actions, forecast views in flowline, phase completion reports, and analyze each subcontractor or phase.  This keeps the project team on target and "singing from the same hymnal."  We'll also walk through an executive analysis that you can prepare for Owners


We highly recommend consuming this workshop as part of your CPM Alignment Service.  Not only does it reiterate schedule optimization techniques, but it teaches new and meaningful ways of communicating the schedule information to the Subs and Owner.


Caption: As part of the Vico CPM Alignment Service, we work with your team to control the baseline schedule on the jobsite.  This means first reviewing basic controlling techniques and data collection techniques in a workshop setting.  Many GCs like to include their Subs in this workshop to better understand what is expected of them (as collected in the pull scheduling session from the Schedule Optimization Workshop).  Then we move out to the field to collect and analyze the real-time production data.  Supers and PEs can quickly calculate forecast schedules, note any possible conflicts, and work with the Subs to fix the problem and avoid a disruption. 


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