Aimed at the schematic design stage, Vico Business Development Services offer a fast and economical way of clarifying and presenting the various aspects of the project scope, reducing risk, improving communication, and winning the business.


In just two-three weeks, we can deliver a high-quality 3D model based on the available drawing set.  Additionally, we can perform a quantity takeoff of the model geometry producing construction-caliber quantites.  The quantites then inform the conceptual schedule and conceptual estimate.


Although we believe that Owners have outgrown the initial fascination with "spinning models on a computer screen," there is something to the old Rod Steward lyric, "Every picture tells a story, don't it?"  In our experience, the General Contractor who can leverage the power of the 3D model will win the business.


By "leveraging" we mean extending the use of the model beyond business development to preconstruction to site to production control.  The model needs to remain relevant and keep providing the project team with data-driven answers with which to make informed decisions.


Schematic 3D Model

Based on the project schematic design, the Vico Services Team will provide a core and shell 3D model or a massing model.


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Renderings of Major Construction Milestones

Vico will provide a visualization of the construction process at predefined milestones. Site logistics and site coordination will be included.


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Schematic 4D Construction Simulation

A simulation of the construction sequence will be created based on the optimized schedule for analysis and presentation purposes. The format will be delivered as an animation and as an interactive simulation in Vico 5D Presenter.

Quantity Take Off


Zone-Based Quantity Take Off

Area calculations will be provided by function type.


Partial Quantity Take Off
Quantities will be provided for selected modeled elements.
Presentation Materials


High quality visualization of the exterior of the project that can be used for marketing purposes.


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Fly-Through Animation

A rendered movie of the building exterior based on agreed parameters.


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