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A Tailored Solution for Your Construction Project Needs


Regardless of project size or complexity, Team Vico is ready to go!  With over 400 successful BIM projects under our belts, we can help you with your next project.


The following pages contain sample projects, from 3D modelling services to complex virtual mock-up services; from 4D schedule simulations to on-site production control; from 2D drawing set comparisons to full 2D/3D/4D coordination services; from conceptual estimates to 5D cost plans.


Vico Construction Services can help you reduce cost by 3% to 5% and compress the project schedule by 10%. Cost reduction is achieved by reducing the number of change orders and RFIs through the use of the 3D model. Schedule compression is possible through location-based scheduling and improved project team communication.
Working closely with your team, Vico Construction Services will tailor a solution for your project - specific needs. For each project stage: starting from business development through preconstruction to actual construction, Vico experts deliver an end-to-end integrated construction service. These comprehensive deliverables and analyses help you plan ahead. They enable informed decisions that lead to better buildings for your investment.



• Reduce cost by 3% to 5%
• Compress project schedule by up to 10%


Have a project that you'd like help with?  Call in the pros from Vico Construction Services.  We can help you get the most benefit, productivity, and ROI from your next BIM project.


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