Fridays with Vico Presents Vico Office Constructability Manager

Clash Detection, Coordination, and Constructability Analysis


We are all witnesses to the transformation brought about by Web 2.0.  Subscribing to blogs and watching video tutorials on YouTube has become commonplace - just like participating in a conversation in your favorite LinkedIn group


With 50% of all General Contractors utilizing some piece of BIM, it's time to take a second pass and refine what's working.  Clearly, 3D modeling and clash detection has crossed the chasm and everyone can agree that there are tremendous efficiencies to be gained from the process.  But what if we could improve upon the process, improve upon the end result?


With multi-disciplinary teams working together, we need a different approach to coordination - a different methodology - Coordination 2.0 if you will.  Using this approach, not only do we work to the goal of zero change orders due to coordination issues, but we also have a coordinated whole model for use downstream for scheduling and estimating, installation, production control, and even facilities management.


The coordinated model doesn't get filed away.  The coordinated model becomes the key to alternative contract types; it becomes the trigger for more precise quantity takeoffs which then drive more precise schedules and estimates. 


Boulder, CO - March 15, 2010 - Vico Software, has prepared a special Wednesday-edition of Fridays with Vico about a different approach to clash detection and coordination: Vico Office Constructability Manager.


While other solutions can be complex, especially managing layers and model versions, Vico Office Constructability Manager offers a simple, integrated solution within the award-winning Vico Office Suite.  Coordination is a necessary part of the BIM roadmap - that's why Vico has developed a new approach which incorporates an effective workflow for identification, promotion to RFI, reporting and resolution.


To simplify coordination efforts, Vico Office Constructability Manager collects all relevant object clashes and produces only one item per clash.  The workflow allows users to define the elements and layers for consideration; detect and filter the clashes; promote important clashes to Constructability Issues; and then submit, prioritize, and assign RFIs, advancing only the unresolved clashes as Change Orders.  As we've learned from our customers, "BIM doesn't end with clash detection -- coordination is just the beginning for quantity takeoff, cost planning, scheduling, and production control."


Vico developed this new software software based on our own experiences working on over 300 BIM projects worldwide.  Along with our coordination meeting methodology, we believe Vico Office Constructability Manager helps keep project teams focused on the end goal: a solid end product that meets budget, schedule, and program.


What: Introduction to Vico Office Constructability Manager 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

12 Noon - 2:00pm Eastern

Where: A free online webinar series 
How: Register today!


Watching this webinar with your team, you'll learn:

>> Vico Office's simplified approach to model management, ensuring that you are always working the correct model and the correct version;

>> How to filter layers and elements to discover relevant clashes and focus on the most important ones during your coordination meetings;

>> How to classify your detected clashes as Constructability Issues; preparing only the most relevant items for coordination meetings;

>> How to escalate Constructability Issues to RFIs, producing snapshots, measurements, and other relevant data for an RFI report, again prioritizing and assigning;

>> How to promote RFIs to Change Orders;

>> Prepare powerful reports using the integrated VO reporting engine.


But Owners don't want to pay for models that are "less bad."  As far as they are concerned, they've already paid for a coordinated building.  Owners want to realize an ROI from BIM that goes beyond the cost AVOIDANCE of clash detection to a true realization of schedule compression, and therefore, cost REDUCTION.  That's the difference that Vico Office brings to the table.


Just as with Doc Set Manager, Vico's solution for collating and comparing thousands of 2D construction drawings, we have developed a special licensing schema that support multi-disciplinary project teams.  Simply put, you can share licenses of Vico Office Constructability Manager with your design team, engineers, subs, and even the Owner.  And when Constructability Manager is paired with Doc Set Manager and Vico Office Client, Vico's own coordination methodology for geometry and scheduling, a complete 2D to 3D to 4D to 5D solution is established.  The value of Vico Office's integrated clash detection is that the cost and time impact of these issues can be quickly calculated and used to improve project results.  Combining Doc Set Manager for all 2D clash detection and Vico Office Constructability Manager for all 3D clash detection, Vico offers a powerful solution no matter what type of documents or models you have.


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