Connecting the Conceptual Estimate to the MPS


Expanding upon our curriculum from the BIM 101, 201, 301, 401, and 501 Workshops, Vico presents the advanced class BIM 502: Conceptual Estimating with the MPS


What: A free online webinar
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As we learned at the last AGC BIMForum, Owners want more transparency into the building process. They need to know how the design matches up to the budget and how proposed changes will effect both the budget and the schedule. To help GCs better communicate with Owners, we've put together this special Fridays with Vico webinar.


We know the situation all too well. There are three weeks from the time you receive the 2D drawings to the time the bid is due. A conceptual estimate would be a great advantage, but a model-based conceptual estimate with 4D would prove more powerful. It would help the Owner better understand the project and ask what-if questions. And your answers to those what-if questions would really highlight your firm's expertise.


First things first, let's develop a massing model and get the ball rolling.


In this episode of Fridays with Vico, we'll explore the estimate as a dynamic and ever-evolving part of pursuit, preconstruction, and construction. We'll examine the evolution of the estimate in terms of the model progression specification which illustrates the refinement of the estimate according to the latest drawing set or latest model.


We'll demonstrate this process with the latest release of Vico Office as we highlight Takeoff Manager, Cost Planner, and Cost Explorer. With Takeoff Manager, we derive construction-caliber quantities based on the 3D model geometry. With Cost Planner, we dive into the "bill of materials" for the project and apply in-house costing knowledge to roll up the estimate. And with Cost Explorer we illustrate the delta between our original assumptions and the real-word actuals. The result is a "whole model" or 5D BIM which encourages a lively dialogue between the GC, Subcontractors, and Owner, promoting trust and partnership.


What: A free online webinar
How:  Use the form below to download the archived webinar


And as with all our Fridays with Vico sessions, we’ll include case studies, ROI, and plenty of time for Q&A.


Other courses in this series include:

BIM 101 - an overview of the 2D through 5D process, including layouting and production control

BIM 201 - a discussion of new coordination methodology that includes both space and time elements

BIM 301 - a course outlining the latest BIM contract language and addendums

BIM 401 - an overview of model-based scheduling

BIM 501 - an overview of model-based estimating

BIM for Executives - a course for designed for executives to help them market BIM strategies internally and externally, as well as better understand the dollar investment


We also offer a step-by-step guide to our 5D virtual construction workflow with video tutorials. These videos are just 2-5 minutes in length, but illustrate how to use a particular piece of functionality. You can access the video library index and view just what you need, or download the complete set of training videos.


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To learn more about the Model Progression Specification, please follow the link to a collection of resources on the topic.


Learn from your peers with your peers at Fridays with Vico.


See highlights of this Fridays with Vico episode on the video clip below. If the content is meaningful to you and your BIM Team, please use the form below to download the archived webinar file and view it with your team.



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BIM 502 Webinar