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As a result of the current economic situation, the market is getting more competitive. Owners are looking for ways to save more money and accelerate project schedules with earlier completion dates. And BIM is one of the ways to achieve this. And Owners are asking for it.


In deals where Owners ask for proof of BIM capabilities, how is your firm differentiating itself from the pack? If the Owner asks how you use BIM to better manage the project, what would you say?


If you don’t have the answer, Vico does: the Win the Deal Bundle.


If you don’t have enough qualified staff to pursue opportunities, Vico can help you Win the Deal.


During pursuit and presentation, would it help differentiate you if you could rapidly assess the project and deliver a true 5D BIM Owner presentation, complete with two or three alternative building scenarios? If so, Vico can help Win the Deal.

Owners are asking for transparency and BIM capabilities. If your competitors are offering BIM, you better have a plan. BIM-compliant means a powerful 5D model for stunning visuals, comprehensive cost planning, and accurate scheduling. It also means having the personnel resources to move from Pursuit to Preconstruction and out to the Field.


Vico’s Win the Deal Bundle. We help you build the 3D presentation model, even a couple what-if scenarios; we’ll even help with presentation materials. When you win the bid, we work with your Preconstruction team to build a data-rich model with all the cost planning and scheduling properties necessary. And when it’s time to break ground, Vico moves with you to the field where we utilize production control to hold the project in check for budget and schedule. That’s full-service 5D BIM.


 >> Build you BIM Team (pursuit, precon, even field) overnight with Vico Services
 >> Expert peer review for all phases of pursuit, preconstruction and construction
 >> Transfer preconstruction knowledge seamlessly to the field
 >> Deliver the project with complete production control


Do you want to be BIM-ready for your next bid? Team with Vico and Win the Deal!


Enjoy this archived version of Fridays with Vico: Win the Deal Bundle.  Simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page to download the archived webinar.


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