BIM 301: New Contract Language



In the BIM 101 Workshop we examined the evolution of building information modeling from 2D drawing sets to 3D models to 4D schedules to 5D estimates and layouting solutions. In the BIM 201 Workshop, we examined 3D/4D Coordination efforts in-depth, with the understanding that “clashes” happen in both space and time. And now for the BIM 301 Workshop, we’ll turn our attention to BIM Contracts. 


What:    BIM 301 Workshop: New BIM Contracts
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As we discussed in the BIM 201 webinar, contracts play a central role in defining deliverables, interactions with project stakeholders, and risk obligations for commercial building projects. To cover this complex issue, Fridays with Vico is please to have Rick Lowe, Partner from Duane Morris LLP and chair of the AGC BIMForum Legal Subforum, deliver the course content.

You’ll want to attend this webinar if:
1.) Your firm has received an RFP in which the Owner asks for BIM deliverables.
2.) Your firm has received a request to work under an alternative delivery method such as IPD or Design Build.
3.) Your firm is interested in coordinating multiple models from several entities, such as the Architect, the Structural Engineer, and various Subcontractors.
4.) You want to better understand how to be in compliance with the ConsensusDOCS 301-BIM Addendum or the AIA 202 materials, and use their structure to your best advantage.
5.) You are unsure if you are meeting the Standard of Care as defined in contract language.
6.) You are unsure about the modeling structure to employ and the contributions to accept.
7.) You are interested in perpetuating the life of the model to Facilities Management after the keys are turned over.

Legal contracts in the construction industry are developed to serve two purposes: to recommend best delivery practices and to properly allocate risk among the project stakeholders. With the advent of BIM technologies, methodologies, and processes, it has become increasingly important to identify who or what holds key project details: the Architect or the GC, the model or the drawings. And with that ownership, comes great reward or risk. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the various types of models as identified by the ConsensusDOCS and AIA, the best practices for handling the model and its changes, as well as the legal ramifications (and rewards) of entering into these project relationships.

No BIM education series is complete without an understanding and appreciation for the new laws in the industry.


What:    BIM 301 Workshop: New BIM Contracts
How:     Use the form below to download the archived webinar


Our speaker for this special Fridays with Vico is Richard H. Lowe, Partner, Duane Morris LLP. Rick concentrates his practice in construction litigation and construction law. He handles complex construction litigation, arbitration and mediation matters for owners, contractors, design-builders, design professionals, sureties, subcontractors and suppliers, and has drafted and negotiated construction contracts exceeding $100 million.

Rick is extremely active in the Associated General Contractors of America ("AGC"). As chair of the AGC’s BIMForum’s Legal Subforum, he has led a national effort to create the ConsensusDOCS BIM Addendum, the first contract form in the world specifically applicable to projects using Building Information Modeling. Also, he serves as the vice-chair of the AGC’s Contract Documents Committee, a leader in the promulgation of the ConsensusDOCS family of documents. Rick has also served as the Co-Chair of the American Bar Association's Construction Litigation Committee, and served as Co-Chair of the ABA's Construction Forum's Fall 2008 program on the ConsensusDOCS. Rick lives in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, where he is running in the primary in May to serve as the next Mayor of the Borough of Swarthmore.


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See highlights of this Fridays with Vico episode on the video clip below. If the content is meaningful to you and your BIM Team, please use the form below to download the archived webinar and view it with your team.





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