This year's DBIA Show featured a special track just for Owners.  And no wonder, in our experience, more and more Owners are requiring the use of BIM on their projects.  But in the world of the Owner, BIM means just four things: price, schedule, team, and technique.


Price.  The best understanding of the project with a precise 5D model, from which quantities, locations, means and methods drive highly-accurate estimates (in far less time than traditional pencil and paper);


Schedule.  The same 5D model, complete with location-based scheduling, allows trades to literally flow through the site, concentrating on speed, accuracy, and quality;


Team.  BIM experience on Day 1.  With Vico on the team, General Contractors have our years of successful project experience to back them up.  Knowledge transfer is completed at every phase so that GCs can build up their BIM Team in house.


Technique.  Using the Vico award-winning Virtual Construction Suite, GCs gain computing power.  But combining technology with methodology is where the true efficiencies lie.  Vico teaches the BIM Team best practices for each phase of the engagement to make sure that they are delivering the highest-quality service to their clients. 


We've put together the same collateral package we brought to the show:

The BIM Checklist -- this is the list of 5D virtual construction capapbilities that Owners are asking for.

Why Owners Choose Vico -- three mini case studies of successful Owner projects utilizing BIM

The Golden Rule of BIM -- a recent Cadalyst article featuring St. Joseph Hospital


Take advantages of these resources to help meet Owner requirements today -- and see you at next year's DBIA Show in Washington DC!