Vico Virtual Construction Summit


They say that in business, as in life, you’re defined by the company you keep.  At Vico Software, we’re surrounded by the world’s most innovative general contractors and builders, involved in amazing projects the world over.

We would like to set aside a few of the last days of Summer to celebrate with our pioneering customers.  The event will focus on sharing ideas, best practices, metrics and benchmarks, as well as calling out ways that we can work together even better.  We’ll offer insights into our corporate growth strategy and introduce you to many of the newest members of the Vico team.  We’ll also offer an in-depth examination of our 2009 release, highlighting the key features and functionality that you’ve requested.  In addition, we’ll also review some of the exciting work we’ve been doing with conceptual estimating.  And we’ll round out the event with highlights from our Services Team who are engaged in exciting projects from Las Vegas to Dubai.

We’ll be hosting the Virtual Construction Summit in Salem, MA, USA.  This sleepy seaside town was once the richest port in the Americas, with successful global trading routes stretching to Madagascar, China, Japan, and India.  Now Salem is home to outstanding Federal period architecture, an amazing museum featuring the booty of the infamous East India Club, and an astounding lineage of early American authors, artists, and nation-builders.  Not to mention the Vico Salem Office!

Register here to join us in Salem, August 12-14.  We’ve arranged The Summit microsite in a logical manner to walk you through the logistics of your trip: hotel, ground transportation, the agenda, and the template you’ll need to build out your presentation. 



We’ll see you in Salem!