New Filter Editor Capability in Vico Office Cost Planner

Two weeks ago, we released a new point release for Vico Office: Release 4.1.  As customers are deploying the new features, we wanted to call your attention to one of our new favorites – the new Filter Editor in Cost Planner.


Every estimator recognizes the situation: you know that you included a material code or labor code several times in the estimate, but you need to know where it was. Or -- you know that you used a certain quantity a couple of times in the estimate, and now you want to double-check to see if that was correct.


The difficulty is that cost estimates can grow to hundreds, thousands of lines, and it can become difficult to find the line items that you are looking for.


Filtering helps out, and Vico Office 4.1 has new functionality that provides powerful filtering capabilities. Each of the columns in Cost Planner represents properties of the line items in the estimate (aka Assemblies and Components), and each of them can be queried by defining conditions.


Defining conditions is done in the new Filter Editor, which can be accessed by right-clicking on any column header and selecting “Show Filter Editor.” This will open a dialog in which you can pick the property that you want to search for, as well as the condition that needs to apply.


The example below shows a filter that searches for all line items in the estimate that begin with the word “Concrete.”


using filter editor in vico office 1


You can combine conditions, too. For example, if you are looking for all line items that begin with “Concrete” AND have a quantity value that is greater than 600, you can easily find these items with the following filter:


using bolean descriptions in vico office filter editor 


As mentioned, all visible columns can be used for querying, so the possibilities are endless… Good luck as you start using this new tool!


If you need any assistance with the download link for Release 4.1, just let us know – we are more than happy to help your team. You do not need a new license file – just the download link which was delivered to your license administrator – the Vico Office R4.0 license remains valid for all R4.x releases.


Enjoy your new version of Vico Office!


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