Make Vico Your Trusted Partner for 5D BIM Success


In previous my role in Vico's Product Management, I have met with many customers to talk with them about their ideas about Virtual Construction, our software and our concepts. During these meetings, one point that consistently came up is why it is sometimes difficult to “get over the hump” of implementation. Typical feedback was, “we are too busy with our day jobs to create a good plan to get this rolled out and make it standard practice."


In my role as Director of Customer Success, my team and I are addressing exactly this problem: we took what we learned from our customers and developed a comprehensive plan to empower the organization with training, support, and one-on-one care, all built into a one-year “curriculum," that will help your organization adopt these new tools and processes.


Oftentimes we will hear from CMs and GCs during our first meeting with them that they have tried the prescribed couple seats of modeling software and clash detection, but there just isn’t a burst of new efficiencies or capabilities like they expected.  In some cases, creating a BIM Department and outfitting them with hardware and software has even been a sinkhole of time and money.


There has to be more to BIM than just hardware and software, after all, it’s about sharing information and accelerating project success.  Having performed over 400 BIM projects around the world during the past five years, we have codified what makes firms successful with BIM: discipline, executive support, and a trusted partner.  And we’ve turned our findings into our Customer Success Plan for your team.


The Vico Customer Success Plan is a one-year commitment to 5D BIM.  Your company agrees to proper training and support, unique executive workshops, specialized consulting, mentoring, and peer review.  Vico agrees to keep your momentum rolling throughout the year, building upon installation, implementation, training, and project success.  Together, this commitment results in your 5D BIM success.  Here are the key components:


Discipline.  Successful firms don’t dabble in BIM – they consume it, they inhale it.  It isn’t one department’s responsibility – it is pervasive throughout the firm.  Yes, there are going to be growing pains and agita over some new workflows and different ways of sharing project data, but as soon as you see the “big picture,” you know it’s worth it.


The Customer Success Plan includes corporate training plans involving each department.  This training isn’t about where to move your mouse and click, though!  This training illustrates the 5D BIM Workflow through each department and out to the field.  The training includes separate follow-up assignments, grading, and mentoring, resulting in certification. 


The workshops designed for the implementation phase help your team to build upon the knowledge gained during the training sessions, and help you customize the 5D Processes for optimal results in your organization.


Executive Support.  5D BIM isn’t a purchase order.  It’s a decision to change the company workflow – how you pursue projects, how you perform projects, and how you leverage your firm’s experience and talent.  And that requires backing. 


We are keenly aware of this and have developed Executive Workshops to help your management team see where their expertise and leadership is needed.  To quote Vico’s own CEO, “Those who lead the change [to 5D BIM] and those who embrace the change must become the positive examples in your company that others are inspired to follow.”


A Trusted Partner.  We probably have one or two people in our lives who hold our feet to the fire when it comes to commitments and goals.  That’s the same approach Vico takes.  We coach you through the challenges of deployment and adoption.  We’re with you every step of the way to make you both accountable and successful.


Our Customer Success Plan includes quarterly goals with monthly progress reports.  We are doggedly consumed with your success and will keep you on track, despite the inevitable fire drills that come up during your year-to-year operations.


Learn more about our Customer Success Plan and see if it makes sense for your firm.  When you’re ready to get serious about transforming your team, we’re ready to help.

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