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The McGraw-Hill BIM SmartMarket Report

The Business Value of BIM


Boulder, CO - January 26, 2010 - The popular webinar series, Fridays with Vico, turns the microphone over to Stephen Jones who will present the latest findings from McGraw-Hill Construction research efforts.


First, let's start with a definition.  McGraw-Hill Construction defines BIM as: The process of creating and using digital models for design, construction and/or operations of projects.


So now the question is: Who is using BIM and what results are they seeing? 


Following up on last week's Fridays with Vico topic on how general contractors decide to deploy BIM across their departments, we'll ask McGraw-Hill Construction how BIM is impacting the bottom line for our industry.


McGraw-Hill Construction recently polled thousands of AEC/O members and asked them how they are using BIM technologies, who is using the technology, and why/if the investment makes sense.  What they learned is that:


>> Close to 50% of the industry is using BIM in some fashion;
>>  Those who are using BIM fully expect to increase their use;
>>  A high percentage of users are identifying business benefits and ROI from the new technologies and practices.

In this special Fridays with Vico, we'll hear directly from Steve Jones, one of the report authors, as he walks us through the findings of this milestone BIM SmartMarket report.


Who:  Steve Jones, leader of McGraw-Hill's BIM, Interoperability, and IPD team
What:  Findings from the latest BIM SmartMarket Report
When:  Friday, January 29; 12Noon - 2PM Eastern
Where:  a free online webinar
How:  Register today


Whether your firm is brand new to BIM or seasoned professionals with multiple projects under your belt, this webinar will help you identify where you are on the spectrum of BIM usage and create a roadmap for future functionality that makes sense.  As the SmartMarket Report uncovers, there is a natural progression of BIM success and with it comes a dramatic opportunity for ROI.


To quote from page 15 of the report:


>> BIM increases profits;
>>  BIM reduces rework;
>>  BIM reduces errors and omissions in construction documents; 
>> BIM helps in marketing new business to new clients; and BIM helps in maintaining business with past clients.

But we all know that getting from here to there requires investment, training, process change, and perhaps even a few miscues.  That's what makes this research so valuable.  Mr. Jones will also point us to case studies and peer examples on how to make the transition as smoothly and profitably as possible. 


This webinar is for your team if


>> You have lost a recent project opportunity to a firm who differentiated themselves based upon model-based scheduling and other model-based construction management processes;
>>  You want to better understand where and when BIM is being used and evaluate if it makes sense for your firm;
>>  You have just set up a BIM Task Force for your company and are looking to learn as much as possible;
>> You've been investing in BIM software and are ready to move beyond modeling and clash detection;
>>  You believe your firm's BIM capabilities can redefine the way you deliver projects.


Mr. Jones will walk us through the report findings and recommendations and then we'll open up the discussion with a Question and Answer session.


Please join us for this special industry-focused Fridays with Vico.


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