Cost Saving Strategies for BIM Staffing


Over the course of the last two months, we’ve examined several ways to improve the BIM model fidelity and quality on your projects. 


We first examined a scenario where the General Contractor has already started receiving models from a design team or subcontractors.  In this case, we want to know whether or not these models can be repurposed for construction coordination, scheduling, and estimating.  We introduced our BIM Model Quality Assessment and Grading service as a quick and effective way to determine if these models could be used.


In the second scenario, we assumed that the project team would like to start creating their own models and wanted to be sure that they could be used not only for visualization, but also for construction purposes.  Here we introduced the latest version of the Model Progression Specification and how to use it in conjunction with the 5D Data Pack.  It is almost like cheating when you realize how much easier it is to create models with uniform coding structures and classifications…all tied to task production data and estimating information.  We rounded out this scenario with the advantages of our construction management Reporting System in Vico Office.


In the third scenario, we asserted that our Coordination Resolution service is not only 40% faster than traditional clash detection and coordination loops, but that it can also produce 2D installation drawings and 6D BIM models for facilities management.  Then we looked at a special application of this service which also included Real-Time Modeling and In-Wall Coordination.  This case study examined how to take end-user input for room layout/flow/function and model and coordinate the rooms on the fly.


In this final segment, we’ll look at creative options to expand your BIM team overnight, save money doing it, and improve the quality of your projects.  Please join us for this special Fridays with Vico where we weigh the benefits of putting an Expert Modeling Team on retainer; adding an embedded Project Engineer to your team; and certifying key employees to lead the BIM effort at your firm.



 Cost Saving Strategies for BIM Staffing


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One advantage to keeping an Expert Modeling Team on Retainer is the flexibility to bid on as many jobs as possible.  With your team size strategically arranged to work around the clock, you can leave the office at 6pm and have updates when you return at 7am.  This flexibility permits you to be a bit more strategic with your bids.  For example, you can add what-if scenarios to the Owner’s presentation, cost differentials for Green or LEED points, or use the team to model particularly complicated aspects of the project to highlight your expertise.  We will also examine how our teams are Six Sigma trained to ensure quality deliverables.


Many Owners like having Vico Project Engineers on the jobsite as a resource for both the GC and Subs.  Using the latest 5D BIM software on a live project can spark questions about workflows and best practices to use, and having an Expert on-site helps reassure project teams that they are on track.  The Project Engineers help ease the anxiety of trying new production control techniques and work in a peer review capacity to help construction teams come up to speed quickly.  And Owners feel confident knowing there is a Vico “quality assurance check” for their project.


We will also examine how you can become a Vico Certified Project Manager.  Many customers decide to train leaders within their own organization to help roll out Vico best practices on their projects.  These leaders receive the same training that our own PMs receive (namely, estimating expertise, planning and production control techniques, reporting, and even managing their own team of Expert Modelers) so they can become the point people on all BIM projects.  Developing this expertise in-house is an essential key to presenting a superior team on bid day.


This webinar is for you and your team if:

1.) You are considering developing a BIM core competency for your firm, but don’t know where to start;

2.) You are considering trying BIM on a project and want to have all the resources available to your team to succeed;

3.) You are interested in getting up-to-speed with BIM quickly and having pre-trained professional personnel at your disposal is appealing;

4.) You are interested in growing your team with no new-hire training costs, no relocation expenses, and no hardware costs. You want to quickly expand your team with well-versed construction professionals with architectural and/or MEP backgrounds who are passionate about 5D BIM and virtual construction;

5.) You want to grow your own team organically and didn’t realize there was already a training process in place.


Learn about these alternative solutions to BIM staffing and training on this archived edition of Fridays with Vico.



 Cost Saving Strategies for BIM Staffing


 Archived for your convenience


 A free online webinar


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See highlights of this Fridays with Vico episode on the video clip below. If the content is meaningful to you and your BIM Team, use the form below to download the entire webinar.



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