Your Options for Evaluating Vico Office

Vico Software is an award-winning solution for model-based scheduling and estimating.  From 2D drawings, to a 3D model, to the 4D schedule, to the 5D estimate, BIM capabilities shine through this "whole model" solution.  Heralded as an A+ solution by Cadalyst Magazine, "the tools in Vico Software represent the most comprehensive, best integrated, and most highly evolved VC applications currently available on the world market."


For General Contractors and Subs:

We offer a 30-day Structured Evaluation of Vico Office.  Our aim is to completely support those firms who are interested in understanding the enterprise nature of Vico Office.  After you submit your firm's name for consideration, we will connect with you in 24-48 hours to go over the program.

For Classroom and CM Laboratories:

We offer floating licenses of Vico Office for installation in a computer laboratory setting.  To submit your University class for these special licenses, please send an email to cc-ing in your professor and your department's IT Manager.  We are happy to provide your professor with all types of training videos, user guides, help files, practice models, and Fridays with Vico episodes to supplement their curriculum.  We will also provide our installation guide and checklist to your IT Manager so that installation is seamless.


For Individual Students:

At this time, we cannot offer Vico Office to individual students, only to classroom computer labs.


During your evaluation, we invite you to participate in the Vico Community to learn more about our products, services, and customer successes. 


Enjoy your evaluation of Vico Software!