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Is There an International Leader in Virtual Construction?


Boulder, CO - January 11, 2010 - We're constantly asked as we travel to visit customers around the world, or at gatherings like the AGC BIMForum, "Is there a country where Virtual Construction is thriving?  Who gets it right?"


The answer really depends.  In North America, for example, many GCs start with 3D modeling and then graduate to clash detection before heading towards 4D scheduling and 5D estimating.  In the Nordics, however, they take a different path. 


Finland was the birthplace of Vico Control, the flowline scheduling solution that combines resources, locations, and quantities for model-based scheduling.  Is it something in the water, or do lean construction principles just make more sense in a land where the trains operate like clockwork?


Throughout Sweden, Norway, and Finland, our customers adopted location-based management principles first, and then got into modeling, and are now moving to 5D.


Does the path really matter if the outcome is the same?  Join us for this special Fridays with Vico as we explore the many paths to true 5D BIM.  We'll highlight the Finnish scheduling experience as well as  one of our large customers, Hartela, as the Nordic example.


This webinar is for your team if:


>> You have made BIM a core competency for your firm and are looking to deploy it throughout your company;
>>  You know your existing knowledge of construction means and methods can be harnessed into a BIM knowledge base;
>>  You want to free your estimating and scheduling teams to produce more value-add deliverables like what-if scenarios, revenue per square foot plans, EVA for the client, and look-ahead plans;
>>  You want to leverage the data in the BIM with even more estimating and scheduling information;
>>  You want the preconstruction efforts to help the Operations team deliver a smooth job onsite, complete with cash flow and earned value analysis.



In this special Fridays with Vico webinar, we'll discuss how leading GC firms are transitioning their businesses over to BIM. We'll examine IT plans and information workflows that make it possible.  And, of course, we'll take your questions on the subject.


What:  BIM for the Enterprise
When:  Friday, January 15 @ 12 Noon Eastern 
Where:  A free online webinar 
Why:  Is there an international leader in virtual construnction?
How:  Register today!


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