5D Virtual Construction Software 


Virtual Construction represents a very great change to this industry. Now we have a tool to predict what is going to happen on a construction project with much greater accuracy than we had before.



Vico Office is the first integrated construction management solution for GCs that leverages the power of the 2D drawings and 3D BIM models for 4D model-based scheduling and 5D model-based estimating. And the 3D models can come from multiple sources: architects, engineers, subs; and come in multiple flavors: Revit, Tekla, ArchiCAD, CAD-Duct, IFC files, even SketchUp and 3D DWG files.


During the last six years, Trimble's customers proved for themselves what we know to be true about the benefits of BIM.  Innovation was what drove new project wins, our customers exploited 3D modeling, clash detection, model-based coordination, rigorous content planning, multi-model management, change management, and model-derived block drawings.  Some went further into 5D with model-derived quantity takeoff, cost estimating, and location-based scheduling.  It is no exaggeration to say that the Vico customers who “went the deepest” are the same companies who reaped the most benefit from the technology.  They literally picked the jobs they wanted to win, developed the best plans, recruited the best teams, executed more effectively in the field, and delivered a new and exciting owner experience.


The commercial construction market is poised to skyrocket again and 5D BIM technologies will differentiate general contractors from the pack. What better time to get key members of your team ramped up and outfitted with the best solution on the market?


Here are the modules which make up the award-winning Vico Office Suite:


2D-3D Change Management


Vico Document Controller compares 2D drawing set versions and 3D model versions to identify changes/deletions/additions. And for the first time, users can compare coordinated 3D models to the 2D contract documents for the final accuracy check.



3D BIM for Visualization


Vico Office works out-of-the-box with popular BIM authoring tools such as Graphisoft ArchiCAD, Autodesk Revit, and Tekla Structures. New in Release 4 are publishers for AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD MEP. Vico Office also includes additional importers for Google SketchUp, CAD Duct, 3D DWG, and IFC files.



3D BIM for Clash Detection


Vico Constructability Manager provides an integrated solution for clash detection and coordination resolution so that your team can identify constructability issues in the planning stage before they occur in the field.



3D BIM for Layout


Vico Layout Manager maps critical points in the virtual model to their corresponding physical points on the jobsite, speeding installation and eliminating costly rework.



3D BIM for Quantity Takeoff


Vico Takeoff Manager derives construction-caliber quantities by location from BIM models; these quantities by location power more accurate schedules and estimates.



4D BIM for Scheduling and Production Control


Vico LBS Manager is an organized approach to dividing the project into work locations. Location-based planning and management ensures that trade crews flow smoothly from prerequisite to successor tasks without interference. Locations defined in LBS Manager also yield quantities by location for use in scheduling and procurement.


Vico Schedule Planner creates construction schedules by using BIM model elements and associating them with tasks and the corresponding materials, resources, and labor; all of which are optimized by location.


Vico Production Controller is used in the build phase.  Planning the schedule is only half the battle - the other half is managing on-site production. Near real-time production updates from the site using Vico Production Controller enable forward-looking schedule forecasts so problems are flagged with ample time for remedial action.


Vico 4D Manager is a 4D simulation presentation tool that provides rich 3D visualization of the project timeline to the extended construction team.



5D BIM for Estimating


Vico Cost Planner is a powerful model-based cost estimating solution. Based on the concept of Target Cost Planning, Vico Cost Planner provides an environment for an evolving cost estimate that readily compares one version to another and any version to the original Target Cost Plan.


Vico Cost Explorer is the first model-based budgeting application that allows the extended project team to visually understand which aspects of the project are contributing to changes in cost. Pouring over rows and rows of spreadsheet data is a thing of the past.



Construction Management Reporting


Vico Office Client is the cornerstone of the Vico Office Suite. Here model versions are managed, information is shared across the team, and an inline reporting engine pulls information from all departments to deliver constructability reports, cost- and resource-loaded schedules, proposed design changes, cost estimates, cash flow reports, and other customizable reports.





This is a hefty bite of information to consume. So the website contains many materials to help you learn more about the 5D BIM products and services.


Then we invite you to navigate across the product line and learn more through the Frequently Asked Questions pages. These pages contain video tutorials and help answer your initial questions:


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And then pick your next destination on our website and learn more about virtual construction. We have a treasure trove of meaty resources for your firm:


The "What Is?" Tab offers a glossary for all BIM-related terminology, as well as tutorial videos.


The Fridays with Trimble webinar series offers over 40 archived titles featuring virtual construction methodology and best practices, customer case studies, and product overviews.


And the Vico Blogging Forum offers thoughts and opinions from Vico executives and product managers.  Some of the most popular articles include:

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You are also invited to join the Vico User Group on LinkedIn for more in-depth conversations about 5D BIM.


If you are heading up the BIM Department in your firm, please share with your team the 5D BIM Checklist, a listing of what functionality is available today from BIM technology, and likewise, what you can be offering Owners as BIM capabilities.  Or calculate your BIM Score and see your standing now versus your potential.  Or even better, consider a 30-Day Structured Evaluation of Vico Office for your firm.


We also have the BIM Master Class Series which includes over fourteen hours of coursework to get everyone up to speed on BIM.  You might also like the Getting to 5D BIM webinar series which illustrates how to move from 3D to 4D to 5D.  And if hard bids are still prevalent in your region, we have a special webinar series featuring BIM Strategies in a Hard Bid.


We also offer a step-by-step guide to our 5D virtual construction workflow with video tutorials.  These videos are just 2-5 minutes in length, but illustrate how to use a particular piece of functionality.  You can access the video library index and view just what you need, or download the complete set of training videos.  We have training videos for Estimators, Schedulers, Supers, and anyone who does CM Reporting.


And please consider the Trimble VDC Services if you need BIM consulting and peer review services to win and execute your next project.  With over 400 5D BIM projects under our belts, we offer a unique competitive advantage in preparation for bid day, as well as the industry experience to carry the project from preconstruction through completion.


And finally, as a Vico Customer, you can join our Customer Success Plan.  It's a rigorous year of training, support, mentoring, executive workshops, and peer review designed to get your firm from zero to 5D BIM.