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Boulder, CO - May 6, 2010 - Vico Software, the leader in BIM for Construction, is pleased to announce that its popular BIM 101 Webinar has been viewed by over 1,000 AEC/O professionals.  Over 4,000 AEC/O members have taken part in the BIM Master Class Series webinars which are available on-demand and free of charge from the Vico website.


The BIM 101 Course walks participants through a typical BIM workflow: from 2D drawings to the 3D model to the 4D schedule and the 5D estimate.  We also examine how to repurpose the preconstruction work on the 5D model as production control on the jobsite.


In this webinar you'll learn: 

>> How to take 2D drawings and turn them into a 3D business development model;

>> How to take the 3D business development model and add 4D scheduling and 5D estimating data;

>> How to run a coordination session and work with the team to resolve the issues;

>> How to divide up the project into reasonable zones or locations to optimize the flow of materials and labor;

>> How to derive construction-detail quantities to produce model-based estimates.


McGraw-Hill's BIM SmartMarket Report touted a 300-500% ROI for BIM projects.  Yes, it does take a money and resource investment to get started, and that does seem counter-intuitive in this economy.  Yes, it does take an internal champion to keep the team focused.  Yes, it does take a trusted partner to help you over the first hurdles.  But BIM is a capability that Owners are specifying; BIM is a differentiator against the competition; and BIM is a way to save more money, time, and effort on each and every project.


Make your first investment in BIM by watching this webinar.


Other courses in the BIM Master Class Series include:

BIM 201 - a discussion of new coordination methodology that includes both space and time elements, not just clash detection

BIM 301 - a course outlining the latest BIM contract language and addendums

BIM 401 - an overview of model-based scheduling

BIM 501 - an overview of model-based estimating

BIM 502 - an advanced course tying the model progression specification to the conceptual estimate, creating an evolving cost plan

BIM for Executives - a course for designed for executives to help them market BIM strategies internally and externally, as well as better understand the dollar investment


These webinars are for your firm if:

>> You've heard of BIM but are not quite sure what it means.

>> You've heard that some Owners are putting BIM deliverables into the contract language.

>> You want to learn how to use the many models that go into preconstruction analysis.

>> You're an estimator who wants to learn how to do construction quantity takeoffs and model-based estimates.

>> You're a scheduler who wants to better understand flowline theory for scheduling materials, labor, and resources.

>> You're a superintendent who wants to learn how to use production control for look-ahead schedules and keeping the crews on task.

>> You're an Owner who wants to understand how BIM methodologies would work on your next project.

>> You already make models in ArchiCAD, CAD-Duct, Revit, or Tekla and want to learn how to augment those models with 4D scheduling and 5D estimating data.

>> You want to start winning new business by bringing BIM capabilities to the table.

>> You want a proven methodology for incorporating lean construction techniques into your business.


So reserve a conference room and a projector and order up some pizzas for your team.  1,000 other classmates can't be wrong!  Learn from your peers with your peers at Fridays with Vico!




About the Fridays with Vico Webinar Program

Fridays with Vico is a free educational forum for General Contractors, Subs, and Owners.  The series highlights best practices and case studies from customers, as well as showcases new product functionality and discusses industry trends. Over 9,000 AEC/O professionals have viewed one or more of the 30+ episodes.


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Vico Software, Inc. provides software and services to the commercial construction industry.  Building owners, general contractors, and construction managers use our software and our services to reduce risk, manage costs, and optimize schedules on complex building projects.  Vico's 5D Virtual Construction solutions pioneered the category of BIM for Construction, and they remain the industry's most integrated approach to coordination, quantity takeoff, cost estimation, project scheduling, and production control.  The new Vico Office product suite continues this tradition making it possible to leverage many important BIM file formats such as Revit, Tekla, and ArchiCAD.  The benefits of our solutions and services have been proven on hundreds of building projects to date.

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