BIMForum - Miami


We’re gearing up for the Miami BIMForum this week and looking forward to hearing six Vico customers share their BIM experiences at the conference. If you are traveling to the event, or have a colleague who is, let us know if you want to slice out 30 minutes for a Trimble Buildings demonstration and we can deep-dive on what you’re particularly interested in (SketchUp, Tekla, Modelogix, Vico Office, Prolog, Trimble layout and laser scanning equipment, VDC Services).

Here are the summaries of the sessions you’ll want to add to your calendar:

Failure Is Not an Option: A Total Immersion Approach to BIM Implementation

John Cowles, Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Co.

The battle cry went out to the Preconstruction Team, “In three weeks, we’re taking Excel off your desktops!” This presentation posits that in order to be successful with BIM, consider taking the safety net away, rolling up your sleeves, and start work on a live project. It highlights what Hathaway Dinwiddie learned from their first live project and how they developed their model-based work flow through a complete immersion in a new technology.

Building and Implementing an Integrated 5D Process – A Truly Disruptive Change

Frank Haase, Webcor Builders

Webcor has implemented an integrated model based supply chain process that replaces conventional processes in the preconstruction and construction phase of Webcor’s projects. This disruptive change meant that existing processes of estimating and scheduling had to become one integrated process that feeds off the same data base. In addition all downstream processes such as procurement, buy out and production control would rely on this data. What made the change even more complex is that design processes and subcontractor processes are affected as well which made the change an intra company change.

Creating BIM Based DNA: Knowledge Replication & Skill Splicing without Degradation

Jeremiah Bowles, Black & Veatch

Establishing a BIM based Cultural Paradigm requires a framework for change management. The team at B&V had to splice BIM based process and technology while mitigating the bad 2D legacy habits from replication. Learn how the team created a world-class BIM ecosystem in the process.

Implementing BIM: A Multigenerational Challenge

Marco Vidali, ICAbim

Leading a millennial team in a large company headed by baby boomers is no easy task. During the past four years, ICAbim has struggled with some generational obstacles that threatened the existence of the BIM area itself. Significant efforts are devoted to internal marketing. The in-house team often needs to be educated and convinced that forecasting and having quick and accurate response plans to upcoming challenges are key elements in this endeavor. This presentation highlights some of the most important human obstacles, and how they were dealt with; how the BIM area has evolved and interacts with multigenerational stakeholders.

Captain Computerpants vs. the BIM Barriers: Hoar Construction’s Road from Software Adoption to Social Integration

Aaron Wright and Preston Hite, Hoar Construction

Hoar Construction’s BIM quest is creating a changed company, in the hopes of creating a changed industry. Practical examples will be shared that demonstrate how a small team at Hoar broke the barriers to model-based estimating.

The Co-Evolution of People, Process, and Technology: The Socio-Technical Nature of Information Flow Management

Andreas Phelps, Balfour Beatty

Building from a three-year study of information flow on complex projects, this presentation discusses how technology can be a catalyst in high-performance teams by enabling the development of trust and continuous learning. Although we often discuss the technical characteristics of technology, there are critical ways that technology also influences the behaviors of project teams and subsequently the flow of information and the integration of those information flows. By understanding both the technical and social/psychological roles that technology can play on projects, we can consciously develop plans to better search for, analyze, manage, and integrate the flow of information which is the lifeblood of any project.


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