BIMForum - Denver


This gathering of the AGC BIMForum focuses on prefabrication and modularization - two aspects of commercial construction that benefit greatly from 3D modeling and virtual mock-ups, not to mention layout and even laser scanning.

We are looking forward to great presentations from our customers McCarthy Builders and DPR, but we can't wait to meet you and hear your success stories, too.  And we will be hosting the Welcome Reception on Monday evening, October 7th - so please plan on joining us for local craft beers and networking.

As we prepare for the meeting in Denver, we want to share with you some of Trimble Buildings solutions as they relate to prefabrication.  Many of the stories came from the building of our own office building/R&D campus in Westminster, Colorado, just north of Denver.  Twenty-nine different Trimble solutions were utilized to bring the building to life.  Everyone knows our iconic yellow layout gear, but did you know that Trimble Buildings solutions also include solutions from Tekla, Vico, SketchUp, Prolog, and WinEst, not to mention our laser scanning hardware and software, and VDC Services Team?

For example, did you know that you can place your layout points in Tekla and deliver them to the Trimble Robotic Total Station via the Trimble Field Link Tablet and view the 3D model during the layout?  We used this solution during the concrete phase of the project with concrete piece center points and four offsets, all anchor bolt lcoations, the elevator and two stair cores.  See the concrete project summary and ROI figures here.

Then we also used this solution for our steel columns and beams, detailed steel work, and even the final steel stairways.  See the steel project summary and ROI figures from Tekla and the Trimble Total Station.

We also have a great example of a virtual mock-up solution with SketchUp to uncover some critical concerns for glazing and exterior framing.  And then we had a friendly scrimmage between two teams for the interior framing layout: one team using the Trimble Robotic Total Station and one team using traditional methods.

Overall, the project was tremendous success with the contractors and subs documenting these ROI statistics:

• Site excavation was completed four weeks faster than projected, reducing the

  scheduled time by more than 30%.

• Structural-steel shop drawing review time was 33% faster than comparable office

  buildings completed by JE Dunn in 2012.

• Achieved 100% accuracy of embed placement and 50% reduction in structural

  requests for information (RFIs).

• Final column building placement was within .25-in. tolerance.

• A 30% reduction in mechanical, engineering and plumbing-related RFIs; completed

  MEP layout and hanger install was achieved four weeks faster than projected.

• Field layout was reduced from three weeks to seven days.


And then over in California, for a change of venue, we have another virtual mock-up case study featuring a steel exoskeleton on the Mission Hospital.  And in support of ou work with the Model Progression Specification and LOD, we have two new resources: the MPS Primitives Playbook at MPS 3.0 Webinar.

If you are heading to Denver, please let us know and let's carve out some time to meet face-to-face.  Just use the form below to suggest a time and we will follow up.  And if you can't make it to Denver, use the form, too, and we'll schedule a private web session with you and your team. 


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