What's New in Vico Office R2?


Release Two Extension One



Incorporating customer feedback from our beta program, the second Vico Office release is packed with features to spur 5D BIM on large commercial and institutional construction projects.


Users will recognize the same GUI and features ribbon, as well as the step-by-step navigation on the left-hand side of the screen, but now with expanded capabilities for the Client, Cost Planner, and also the addition of Constructability Manager.


Platform Enhancements

With the advent and adoption of 64-bit BIM applications, Vico Office also steps it up with this release.  Now users can select which operating system corresponds to their BIM authoring tools: 32-bit or 64-bit.



With the first release of Vico Office, we included Publishers for Revit, Tekla, and ArchiCAD.  These are free add-ons in the BIM-authoring systems and allow users to publish their BIMs with no file splitting or FTP.  The geometry is passed seamlessly to Vico Office Client and the models are available immediately for activation and interrogation.


Importers are designed to handle specific types of files, and because of their specificity, have an extra cost associated with them.  In the latest release of Vico Office, we offer Importers for IFC files, mechanical models from CAD-Duct, and sbXML cost data exchange files for our Swedish customers.


Importers allow project stakeholders from every discipline to contribute models and encourage true collaboration for our newest module, Constructability Manager.


To read more about Publishers and Importers, please see Vico Office Client Features and Benefits.


Constructability Manager

This module represents an important portion of the Vico 5D BIM workflow: automatic clash detection, as well as manual interrogation of the models, for coordination.  

The Constructability Manager module contains tools for clash detection, clash review, RFI management, and 3D view markup. Constructability issue information and saved views can be included in dynamically updated Constructability Reports.


To read more about Vico Office Constructability Manager, please follow the links to its webpage, demos, features and benefits, and FAQs.


Cost Planning Workflow

Two important customer requests during the beta program for Vico Office were:

-- How can we connect our existing data to a 3D model?

-- How can we easily see what has changed since our last project status meeting?


These two important pieces of functionality have been addressed with:


Excel Import

Most often, estimators have reams of data stored in existing Excel spreadsheets, but don't have a way to make that information relevant in a 3D application.  Now with Excel Import, that existing estimating data can be associated with the elements in a 3D model.  Because Vico Office recognizes those associations, the 3D model becomes a dynamic 5D model.  So when the model geometry changes, the project cost automatically changes.


Compare and Update

This new feature allows the project team to analyze two similar projects side by side.  Information from one project can be copied to the new project and dynamically modified for the new geometry. The feature provides an automatic update of selected items with differences, or an automatic update for all items that are different.  And because of the intuitive color-coding, this is another feature which helps project teams not miss scope and apply key learnings from one project to another (even if the team members are different or are from different offices/geographies).


To read more about Excel Import and Compare and Update, as well as watch video tutorials, please see Vico Office Client Features and Benefits.


To help make licensing options for project teams as simple as possible, Vico has also introduced the Vico Customer Portal.  This includes a dashboard interface for company-specific system administrators to distribute Vico Office module licenses.


Vico Customer Portal

Understanding that colleagues roll on and off different project teams, Vico has developed the Vico Customer Portal to easily assign and transfer access rights across organizations.  This dashboard view also shows which licenses are available and when new upgrades are available.  Now when new releases of Vico Office are available, the system administrator can deliver them to the correct users in one click of the mouse.


To read more about the Vico Customer Portal, as well as watch a video demonstration, please follow the link.


Of course, with the latest release of Vico Office, we are also offering new hands-on training courses.


Vico Office Training

The first course is scheduled for September 29 and 30 in San Francisco.  This two-day course covers Vico Office Client, Constructability Manager, Takeoff Manager, Cost Planner and Cost Explorer.  The price is $1,500 per person.  To learn more or register your team, please contact sales@vicosoftware.com.


More dates and course outlines are available at Vico Office Training.


And finally, as users upgrade to their new licenses, they'll find the New User Kit, chock full of resources to help get them started; the Release Notes; and the Help File, a comprehensive user manual for the Vico Office Suite.


To learn more about this major upgrade to Vico Office, please review the following press releases and forward them to your team:

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