Vico executives and product experts share the latest news, trends, and opinions.  Often thought-provoking and always pushing the envelope, Vico Blogs are sure to get the discussion started.

Mark Sawyer, Vico CEO, blogs about the commercial construction industry

“The Agenda”

Mark Sawyer  

The Agenda


I would like to use this blog as a place to discuss the Agenda of Virtual Construction™, or as my friend, Jerry Laiserin, would put it…. BIM-4-Builders™.  (I really like that, Jerry.  I wish I had thought of it first.)  Webster’s defines “Agenda” as a list of items of business to be considered and discussed at a meeting.  It’s true that the BIM wave is sweeping over the AECO industry, and it’s also true that there is no shortage of items to be considered and discussed relative to the impact of BIM on the tasks, deliverables, interactions, and processes of building design and construction. 



Don Henrich, Vico EVP, blogs about customers using 5D BIM and virtual contruction

“Lessons & Insights from the Field”  

Donald Henrich   

Lessons & Insights from the Field

In my role as an Executive Vice President for Worldwide Sales and Marketing I had the privilege of working with great contractors and owners around the world. In this Blog I’ll share with you my thoughts, experience and required knowledge to make the most of Virtual Construction.



Marcel Broekmaat, Vico's Product Manager, blogs about cost planning in construction

“Flying Dutchman”  Marcel Broekmaat 

The Flying Dutchman

In this Blog I will write about the new approach to estimating that we at Vico have been practicing for about 3 years now. It’s about a technology that has been around for much longer, but has become more popular with the increasing adoption of BIM. This blog is about Model Based Estimating.



Olli Seppanen, Vico VP, blogs about location-based management and flowline theory

"Fit & Finnish" 

Olli Seppanen

Fit & Finnish

As part of my PhD research, I participated in the scheduling and controlling of construction projects in Finland. The research plan was simple: educate the planners in location-based planning and controlling techniques, and check how it works in practice with minimal intervention.



Ian Turner, Vico Services Manager, blogs about our commercial construction projects

"The Project  

Ian Turner  

The Project Doctor

In this blog I will write about the challenges and experiences of deploying and using the world's first 5D system




Aviad Almagor, Vico Product Designer, blogs with the virtual construction comics

"What's It All   
Aviad Almagor    

Virtual Construction Comics

Illustrating Virtual Construction concepts, technology, software and services in a simple and humoristic style. Enjoy...! 




The Vico Guest Blogger covers new developments in 5D BIM and virtual construction

"Can You   

Guest Blogger

Vico invites leading experts from the 5D BIM community to add their voice to the conversation. Always fresh, always intriguing, always spot on, who can guess the next Vico Guest Blogger?