Trimble user group conference

We attended the Trimble user group conference on the last week of February. There was a good turnout at the conference despite the current economic conditions. The conference was packed with interesting sessions and the show floor was set up to show case Trimble’s latest construction equipment products and technology along with a partner exhibition.

Vico was asked to talk about BIM, and benefits of the 5D BIM process. We created a presentation that explained the basics of BIM through project examples. Instead of focusing on the basics of the technology we focused on the benefits and the real world applications of the BIM models in the presentation. For many people at the conference this was the first time they heard about BIM. These discussions reminded me that the construction industry is just getting started with BIM and we have only scratched the surface of the potential that lies ahead for improving productivity and increase savings due to waste.

We also demonstrated at the conference how BIM can connect to the site. You can have the most complete BIM model, but if it doesn’t make it to the site then the entire effort is wasted. Vico’s ability to connect the model with a laser total station improves the speed and accuracy of site lay out. You can learn more about this by watching our webinar with Trimble.

We decided to repeat the presentation on Fridays with Vico Webinar, so more first time BIM-mers can be exposed to the benefits and processes behind implementing the true 5D BIM process. Holly will soon send out the invitations, if you know someone who never heard of BIM feel free to tell them about the session. We hope to help them get started.