Many customers believe that the best way to remain nimble and respond to as many bids as possible is to retain Vico Modeling Services.  The modeling team specializes in Vico, ArchiCAD, Revit, Tekla, and CAD-Duct deliverables and is structured around Six Sigma quality control processes and lean production techniques.


The team works quickly and thoroughly from the available design documents to put together high-quality business development materials that can grow in complexity for constructability analyses, scheduling, estimating, and production control.


At Vico we believe modeling cannot become a commodity.  Because we are modeling for constructability, and not a pretty picture, our quality control procedures are the point where each modeler has a checklist of questions to complete before an element can be added to a model.  Additionally, our Project Leaders manage the updates to the model ensuring both quality and speed.


Despite this obsessive attention to detail, we have developed a rolling shift schedule to accommodate your most pressing deadlines.  Our modeling team works within the constraints of hard bids to produce the best model possible given the available documents.  So while our pricing may be higher for a model, it is because you will use that model beyond the pursuit preconstruction, construction, and on-site production control.


The modeling team can be managed by your BIM Coordinator or by one of Vico's Onsite Project Managers on your behalf.  The Modeling Team is just one more step you can take to align your firm with the finest 5D practices which have been proven around the world on over 400 projects.  Virtual Construction Team Outsourcing is available in predefined team sizes scalable according to client requirements.


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