The Vico Services team will support the deployment and implementation of Virtual Construction technology throughout your firm.


Just as with any disruptive technology, pushback and objections arise when deploying BIM across an enterprise.  Vico Services is experienced overcoming these roadblocks and building a cohesive team.  We use the BIM as an anchor point for data-driven decisions.


The 3D model is used for constructability analysis to involve the whole project team in the issue resolution process.


4D Schedules are analyzed and reviewed using model-based schedule visualization.


5D cost planning and target costing with model-based feedback significantly improves the predictability and manageability of the project.


This delivers:


• A hassle-free way to enable full productivity from day

• The integration of technology, workflow, and business   processes.

• A way to leverage the most from your investment in Virtual Construction technology

• Technology tuned to your firm's culture



• A Tailored solution
• Day One Productivity
• Quick Implementation Process
• Supply Chain Transformation
• Learn from the World's Experts


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