Let's face it, sometimes construction projects go awry.  Is it the fault of poor design, poor craftsmanship, poor oversight?


By forensically piecing together a BIM model from the artifacts of the case, Vico Professional Services can use virtual construction technology to pinpoint where, when, and why mistakes happened.  And with 10+ years experience as construction professionals, in addition to working on hundreds of BIM projects around the world, Vico Professional Services Team members are respectable expert witnesses.


Litigtation Support Services help clients during the pre-litigation phase and solidify their case by providing comprehensive reports on the project history.

• The Virtual Construction model is leveraged to connect the 3D model, 4D schedule, and 5D cost

• Based on the available objective data, Vico Services will deliver graphical reports, that are easy for the layperson to grasp

• Reports clearly illustrate design errors - and their effect on cost and schedule



• 3D-based Constructability Report

• Design changes report

• Schedule changes report

• Change order report

• Flowline schedule with detailed, but easy-to-understand analysis

• 5D graphical presentation


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