This Vico Professional Services offering is designed specifically for Architects and General Contractors who produce and receive thousands of pages of drawing, many at the eleventh hour.  Now instead of combing through the pages manually, running the extremely costly risk of missing a change that brings a project to its knees, Vico Services can examine PDFs and DWGs and see which drawings have changed, which are missing, and which need attention.


Here's how it works...


Imagine you had one box where you could dump all the construction drawing sheets, thousands of them, from DD 10% to DD 25%, DD 50%, and the final CDs.  Now imagine that this box sorted all the pages, compared the versions, and alerted you when a change was detected between two versions.


The box, this Document Register, serves as the hub for all drawings and changes.  Vico Professional Services will move the drawing sets on to the virtual light table and review the changes with three different modes: slider, side-by-side, and color-coded highlights.  The team will cloud the changes, make notes/comments, create RFIs, and even assign members of your firm to investigate the changes.


We'll take snapshots of the clouds and RFIs and email them to your colleagues.  You can report on them according to status or ownership. 


All of a sudden, you don't fear the 4:30pm FedEx delivery man. 


Change Report

Vico will analyze the changes between 2D design releases.  Any changes found in the drawings will be documented in a comprehensive report with a cloud, notes, questions, and assignments.


Partial Update

If your firm is also using Vico's Modeling Service, Vico will update selected model disciplines and locations, based on the updated design documents.



Full Update

If your firm is utilizing Vico Modeling Services, Vico will update all model disciplines and locations, based on the updated design documents.


What is the cost of a missed change to your business? 


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