Many firms come to us with a simple question, “How do we start winning business with BIM? I mean now?!"


Whether you are just setting up a BIM Task Force, or you’ve identified an opportunity as a “must win” in your market, or you've just won a new job with BIM deliverables, or you're looking to further hone your skills to meet the needs of demanding Owners, we can customize a solution specifically for you.


Whether it is precon work in the pursuit phase or intense coordination and scheduling optimization in the operations phase, your project will experience 5D BIM benefits and its results will be proven ahead of your own implementation. We have over seventy‐five construction experts working full time on 5D BIM projects for our clients. We use our own constructability, coordination, estimating, scheduling, and production control software in conjunction with leading applications like Revit, ArchiCAD, Tekla, CAD-Duct, and IFC files. We deliver 5D BIM results on a fixed price, fixed delivery date contracts for construction projects ranging from $30M to $1.2B. We connect to Primavera, MS Project, CMiC, Trimble, Timberline, and many of the other products you are already using. Our entire practice is based on Six Sigma principles and consistent with Lean Construction theory. We diligently document our best practices so the roadmap to successful implementation is waiting for you when your team begins to use our software.


Let us help your firm respond to this owner-driven demand for BIM because we are certain there is a huge opportunity in leading rather than following this trend . While the economy has driven increased competition on each new project, it has also lowered the internal resistance to change. Both are reasons there is not a better time than now.


McGraw-Hill's latest BIM SmartMarket Report states: "Your career and the prosperity of your company depend on becoming familiar with the tools, processes and value propositions of BIM."  There are many ways to start learning:


1.) Vico offers a webinar series called Fridays with Vico.  Check the website for upcoming topics, as well as recorded movie files from all our industry best practices and case study editions.  In particular, review the BIM Master Class Series and the BIM in a Hard Bid Series.  You might also consider two additional webinar series, Getting to 5D BIM, and Vico Customer Case Studies.


2.) Vico offers a Services Engagements called Win the Deal.  This offering is designed to get your firm up and running with BIM: from bidding a project in 5D, to modeling through design complete, to production control out at the jobsite.


3.) To learn more about the trends surrounding virtual design and construction, we’ve set up a new What Is Tab on our website that explains the buzzwords and BIM nomenclature and in many cases includes quick tutorial videos.


4.) To explore the award-winning Vico Office Suite, we’ve also created Frequently-Asked Questions pages for each module .  This is designed to help you better understand why you would want to exploit BIM models for so much more than presentations.  With Vico Office, we can help you take that 3D BIM model through clash detection and coordination, to construction-caliber quantity takeoff, to 4D scheduling, to 5D estimating, and even use it on the jobsite for production control. 


5.) If you would like to start seeing how the Vico Office software looks and how your daily workflow would be impacted, consider utilizing the Vico Office Video Training Series.  There are specific chapters for Estimating, Scheduling, Production Control, and Reporting


6.) If you prefer the written word over videos, then we have a starting point for you, too.  We have two whitepapers available for download. Prepared for the 2010 International Lean Construction Conference by authors Dr. Glenn Ballard (UC Berkeley), Dr. Olli Seppanen (Vico Software), and Sakari Pesonen (Skanska), "The Combination of Last Planner System and Location-Based Management System," recommends a process to integrate both approaches throughout the planning and building of construction projects.  The second whitepaper, “A Comparison of Location-Based Scheduling with the Traditional Critical Path Method,” was prepared for the American College of Construction Lawyers 2012 annual meeting.


7.) We also offer a 30-day Structured Evaluation of the Vico Office Suite.  During this month, we provide you with training, exercises, homework, and technical support that illustrate how your firm would generate, use, and report on 3D constructability data, 4D scheduling information, and 5D costing information.  This is yet another way to analyze the business case for BIM and weigh the pro’s and con’s.  It is always exciting to include a business analyst or VP of Finance in the evaluation so they can prepare a proper business case.


8.)  Another program we’ve designed is the Vico Customer Success Plan.  This program contains all the training, mentoring, executive education, departmental workshops, and technical support you need to become successful with BIM. 


As a construction executive, you have new imperative: start learning, start leading, start winning new business.