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There has been a fascinating discussion on the BIM Experts LinkedIn Group for three weeks about the differences between a Design-Intent Model and a Construction Means and Methods Model. Many, many people have weighed in with their experiences from the field, but the question still remains, "Can a design model evolve into a construction model, or is it better for the constructors to build a new Construction BIM?"


This has been the promise of Vico Office - that one day we will be able to accept models from each party (the architect, the subs, and the GC) and use them as-is. We have come very far over the past seven years and are very close to the goal. Model fidelity can be improved greatly, but we are still not ready to say that any BIM model can produce meaningful data for downstream applications like coordination, scheduling, estimating, and production control on-site.


And how can an Owner know the difference between a model which will work and a model which will not? So we have developed a new service for owners, architects, subs and GCs to interrogate their models and ensure that they are meaningful for every member of the team.


Come learn more about this new service offering which you can use on your next project. We’ll explain the methodology and protocols we use to inspect the model and show examples from commonly mis-modeled elements.



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 Quality Assurance and Refinement for BIM Models


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The Model Quality Assurance and Refinement Service is performed on all Archicad, Revit, and Tekla models. The Service takes the model and the current drawing set as input and creates an assessment of the model focusing on its suitability for use in the Virtual Construction Management process.


If problems are found with the model that the customer would like repaired, Vico QAR Service provides a fixed price proposal for performing the needed work in collaboration with the General Contractor, thus ensuring the model meets the strict project requirements. Or you and your team can take the quality report and a template content plan and repair or add to the model as needed.


This webinar is important for your team if you:


1.) Are involved in construction projects where a BIM model is going to be used after the Design stage;
2.) Are involved in projects where models will come from multiple sources and you want independent Quality Assurance checks of the models from the various parties;
3.) Want to learn more about Quality Assurance protocols for Design Team models which you want to use for 4D and 5D;
4.) Want to learn more about the key differences between a design and construction model.


Gather your team for this informative session, the first of a four-part series on improving model fidelity for virtual construction.



 Fridays with Vico


 Quality Assurance and Refinement for BIM Models


 Available 24/7 for your convenience


 A free online webinar series


 Use the form below to download the archived webinar









See highlights of this Fridays with Vico episode on the video clip below. If the content is meaningful to you and your BIM Team, please use the form below to download the the archived webinar.



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